Alloy Wheel Repair- Importance of Repairing Wheels

Alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheel repair

A car is a machine that needs maintenance. It is based on its parts that are being used. If we do not maintain those parts than those parts may not functioning properly and due to that, the car may breakdown. One of the most important parts of the car is its wheels. A car without its wheels is nothing; it’s useless. Express wheel repair offers its customers more than just remolding the tire. It offers its customers the best Alloy Wheel Repair. Our company offers three types of services

  1. Express Wheel Repair
  2. Diamond Cutting
  3. Wheel Repair Equipment

Express Wheel Repair:

With Our Express wheel Repair service, you don’t have to worry about the alloy repair damage. Many people do not trust the local garages. They feel untrustworthy and are mostly not satisfied with the services; they are provided with. But at our company, we value customer satisfaction to any extent. The process for the express wheel repair is quite easily understandable. We provide the customer with the best materials.

The customer is requested to drive into one of our parking bays where our staff is always ready to assist them. Our staff member will identify any type of damages to the wheel of the vehicle. Our staff members will then measure the extent of the damage. After that, they will only recommend you express repair if it is suitable for the wheel. It takes almost (30-40) mins for the repairing of the wheel.

Diamond Cutting:

Diamond cut is also stated as diamond polishing due to its shiny and highly polished form at the end. We offer diamond cutting service at a very suitable price that is £40.00 per wheel. A customer can customize the color that he wants on the wheel that is well defined using a diamond-tipped cutter, used to removes a thin layer from the surface of the alloy.

We use different steps to perform diamond cutting. First, all dirt and tar are removed, and the wheels are cleaned using a non-aggressive solution. Then we remove the tires and use numbers to make sure they are reattached properly. The alloy wheels are then placed on a lathe where the diamond cut process starts. In the end, a special polish is applied to the shiny alloy to protect them from everyday dirt.

Alloy wheel repair
Alloy wheel repair

Wheel Repair Equipment:

Car wheels are easily damaged; they need some sort or repairing machine for them to be used evenly. The wheel repair equipment is affordable and easy to repair diamond cut type of alloy wheels. It is very easy to use and also saves your time and money. It can easily be used with technical support and training. It consists of different features that are highly used in the repairing of alloy wheels. It is available at a good price, and you can have the money back in case of any damages.

Why choose us?

We believe that the main goal of our company is customer satisfaction. We provide our customers with trained staff and people who are highly trained in what they are doing. Our products and services and up to mark that not even one customer from our company had an unsatisfactory experience.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by making an appointment online on our website. You can also download our app available on play store. You just need to make an appointment and select an available slot from the calendar on the website. You will then see a booking form where you need to enter all your details and select your service. The next step will be to confirm your payment. After that, all you need to do is arrive at the location on time to avail of your service.

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