Advantages of enrolling for IGCSE Classes in Borivali

Unlike board examinations held by ICSE, CBSE or state boards, IGCSE examinations are based on an international curriculum, which automatically gives off an aura of unfamiliarity for Indian candidates. Evaluations methods in such exams are also different from Indian board exams, making it difficult for such students to estimate their performance levels. IGCSE classes in Borivali are tailor-made for candidates who wish to go beyond the limitations of the Indian syllabi and educate themselves according to the relevant curriculum.

Advantages of enrolling for IGCSE Classes in Borivali

With an increase in the number of international schools in India, more and more students are opting for IGCSE curriculum. IGCSE Classes in Borivali offer assistance in the following ways-

  • It offers customisable lessons that is; pupils can select the number and duration of sessions for themselves and receive special attention for clearing of doubts. Revision and tests are arranged according to their individual needs and learning capacities.
  • Rather than focusing only on the established pattern of exam questions, the esteemed panel of faculty members encourage creative thinking and try to develop an enquiry-based approach to learning, which prepares their students to tackle any problem confidently.
  • Lessons are charged by hours;therefore, one pays only for the exact duration of learning.

IGCSE Home Tutors in Mumbai

Besides enrolling for classes at the Borivali centre, you can also opt for sessions with IGCSE Home Tutors in Mumbai. Sessions can be arranged for a single student or small batches. It is suitable for those pupils who find it difficult to keep up with others while attending lessons with many others. Home tutors provided the necessary personalized attention to their weaknesses. It also saves time spent on travelling to and from the coaching centres, which can instead,be utilized by students for some much-needed self-study.

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