Adopt The Five Smartest Ways For Fundraising For Your NGO

Collecting funds for NGOs is indeed an uphill task. The most difficult part for any NGO is to highlight and express the impact of its projects to its donors. The effects of any social welfare project are mostly intangible, thus, posing an impediment to collecting necessary grants. While there are NGOs that prefer to stick to the age-old traditional methods of collecting money to fund their projects, large NGOs have a fundraising strategy in place to ensure timely fund collections.

The most common technique that NGOs adopt is to look up at the NPO funding directory and submit grant proposals for funding their projects. However, other ways may not bring in lots of funds, but ensure a regular inflow of grants. Some of them have been listed under:

  • Placing donation boxes:

    Have you seen donation boxes or drop boxes installed at busy places? Well, the idea is to let people know about the mission the NGO is working towards, and in turn, seeking their help for the same. Also, some people prefer to donate in kind than drop cash in the box. Having a drop box allows them to drop in necessary materials like clothes, blankets, bedcovers and other items of daily use. Though one cannot hope to collect too many funds through this method, a regular inflow of grants is ensured.

  • Arrange a fundraising event:

    It takes a lot of PR skills to convince people to attend fundraising events and loosen their purse strings towards social welfare. For any fundraising event to be successful, it is important to check out if the people you have invited feel inclined towards the projects your NGO is involved with. The best way is to examine the details of any such events that had been organised in the past, the demographics of the guests attending the event and factors that led to success or failure of the event.

  • Solicit the help of fundraising agencies:

    Fundraising agencies showing their interest in charitable activities and donating towards a specific cause are growing in number. There are platforms which work to bridge the gap between the companies with grants and the NGOs seeking grants. NGOs have to register themselves with the platforms and have the option of signing up for mailers and notifications whenever a grant suitable to their cause becomes available.

  • Aim for tangible effects:

    Most projects carried out by NGOs leave behind an intangible impact that can be felt by the society that has been served. However, for outsiders the same may not hold any importance, thus, posing a hurdle to fundraising. It is important that NGOs invest in a planned PR strategy for people to know what they are into and donate money accordingly.

  • Build a reputation:

    Awards and accolades help. For this, it is best that NGOs participate in various competitions or event gatherings not only to discuss the purpose of their organisation but also increase awareness about what they are doing and their past achievements regarding the same. Strive to gain recognition for your activities. Let people discuss your performance and volunteer to be a part of your organisation. Invite influential people on board to gain by their name and reputation.

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