Add Fun in Your Event With Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Considering to have a magic mirror photo booth to make an event, more fun is always the best idea. It is a perfect way of showing your guests a sign of gratitude for their presence by letting them take these wonderful memories back with them and cherish it for years to come.

When we meet someone or think about the event that we have attended our friend or family member, we remember the great fun we had at that time. Every time we get a chance to meet, we remember those crazy fun moments and how much we enjoyed it. And if we have a photo of those moments, then we get to cherish those times in greater detail.

That is the main reason why you should have a photo booth at the event to allow your guests to preserve the great time they had. You can also use a camera, but a photo booth image makes it extra special. Just remember entering into the photo booth with all of your friends at once and make all the crazy poses for laughter or have a first magical moment of love with your special one in the photo booth. All the fun you will have on that day will be captured, and you can use special props as well. These feelings will come back every time you step into the photo booth.

Having a photo booth in your events will increase the probability of having more such moments. Also, the photo booth for every occasion need not be the same. When you have the option to make your event unique, then why opt for regular options for the booths. You will see that you have various options when it comes to searching for a proper setup for your event. 

Graffiti taxis: 

There is a vehicle that is inoperative and covered in graffiti. You can either have your photo taken in front of the vehicle or can sit with your friends in it. It is best if you have organized a large event with a massive crowd. You might have seen these vehicles in a few functions as well.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth
Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Whiteboard booths:

These types are famous in cultural events like weddings, bar Mitzvahs anniversaries, corporate events and charity functions. In this, the booth is covered in whiteboard lucite on which you can write anything with markers. Your guests can leave their best wishes and thoughts on the booth before having their photos taken. It can also be a great idea if you are conducting special awareness events.

Photo Walls: 

These are basically the walls that have cutouts looking like a picture frame. It is the best and ideal way to have a large photo group together.

LED Booths:

If you have an event that is organized around a club theme, then this is the thing for you. This setup will have highly lit slides. It is something that will look good in a dimly lit area. This is something you need to have if you have a club themed dance floor for your eve.

Branded Booths: 

If you are having an event for sponsoring a brand or anything related to it, it is a perfect idea to get your brand logo on the booth.

Some suppliers have come up with a very good idea, and that is once the images have been taken, the guests can have the option of getting their images e-mailed to them. What they have to do is simply get into their e-mail and their image areas in their mailbox within a few moments. Some suppliers can also provide you with the computer file of this information post-event that will allow you to mail in your inbox.

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