A Better Customer Experience Starts with a Better Agent Experience

A customer service agent does not represent themselves but the company or brand they are working for. In a nutshell, they give a face to a faceless entity. At times, they are the only point of contact between customers and a brand and a lot rides on how well they provide customer experience.

Since agents are ones that are actually interacting with the customers on the company’s behalf, it is vital for any business to have a trained and well-informed customer service staff.

Below is the list of attributes a customer service representative should possess in order to offer a great agent experience to its customers:  

  1. Find the right tone

A customer service agent should try to mirror his or her customer’s language and tone of voice. For instance, if the customer is cheerful in conversation, the agent should try to emulate a cheerful tone while providing assistance.

This gives an impression that the agent is a level-headed and considerate person who understands the customers’ feelings and emotions quite well.       

However, the agent should be wary of using the wrong tone at a wrong moment. If a customer is frustrated, using a cheerful tone of voice will only add insult to the injury.

  1. Be quick and responsive

Most of the customers contact customer services because they are frustrated with a product or service. In these scenarios, the agent should be quick to address the customers’ grievances in a cordial manner. Failing to respond in a timely manner will only make matter worse.      

No customer likes to be kept on hold for the longer durations. They have paid for a product or service of a particular brand and expect a prompt reply from the customer service department.

If a customer is made to wait, for example, due to heavy call flow, make sure to acknowledge the delay and apologize for the day. Most of the customers are level-headed and would understand the situation.

  1. Empathize with your customers

Empathy goes a long way in providing outstanding customer experience. It is one of the most sought-after skills in customer service. Putting yourself in customer’s shoes allow agents to understand the problem from his or her point of view.

For example, if during a conversation, the customer goes off topic and rants about how bad his or her day has been, the agent should empathise with the situation and should not ignore it completely.

Sometimes, all a customer needs is someone to listen and empathize with his or her situation. Even if their issue is not resolved, they’ll be grateful to the agent for listening to their problem.

  1. Listen, listen, listen

A customer service agent cannot provide correct assistance if he doesn’t listen attentively to customer’s query. There have been cases, where agents would provide hour-long troubleshooting to customers only to realize later, this is not what the customers were asking for in the first place. What a great way to lose your customer!

When an agent is a poor listener, it gives an impression that the agents just don’t care. Since the agents represent the brand and not themselves, it alludes that the company doesn’t care about its customers.

  1. Knowing product or services inside out

All the fancy greetings, acknowledgment and empathy is of no use if the agent is clueless about the product or services. The customer will leave frustrated and confused, never to return again.

On the contrary, a well-informed customer service representative would not only resolve the issue for the customer effectively but can also use this interaction as an opportunity to educate the customer about other products, deals, offers or promotions.

Customer service agents who possess vast knowledge base about the products and services of a particular company are the ones who actually climb up the hierarchy and become supervisors or team leaders.

  1. Go the extra mile, if you can

Every customer enjoys a great customer service but a gesture, that shows how privileged the company is to have them as customers, will go a long way. The customer will also appreciate if an agent went the extra mile to resolve an issue.

Whether it is offering free vouchers to the disgruntled customers or waiving off the shipping fee, these little gestures of appreciation from time to time will make sure that the customers keep coming back for more.

This shows how serious a brand or a company is to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied. A skillful agent would know how and when to go out of the way to assist the customers.

Customer agent experience can make or break a brand’s image

A skilled and well-informed customer service agent is an asset for any brand or company. Some companies even go great lengths to keep their best customer service representatives from leaving in their company.

You may be wondering why is that. It’s because they know that behind every great customer experience is an agent that understands all the aspects of the customer-business relationship.

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