7 Ways PPC and SEO are Better When Used Together to Gain Visibility

Should the effort be directed towards great content or should we focus on SEO?

Questions like these cloud the mind of a digital marketer at almost all times. Unfortunately, there is no defined rule as to which combination works the best. Digital marketers often find themselves following the hit-and-trial method. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, time to try another combination. But you have to come up with a new strategy without any delay. Because if you won’t, someone else will. As a result, that company or brand will snatch away all or most of your customers from you. As these days everyone has access to services like Xfinity Internet plans, the competition is fierce. And it is very difficult to stay at the top of your consumers’ minds. However, you can up your SEO and PPC game to gain visibility.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you fail to show up on people’s search engine results page (SERPs), the game’s over for you before it even began. Many businesses think that once they have made a place in people’s minds (or hearts, this sounds cheesy), it is okay to lessen the PPC efforts. However, this is the wrong approach. Because what you forget is that the top 2-3 spots on most SERPs are indeed PPC ads. So how can you imagine your business doing well without it? Therefore, you have to dominate the organic as well as the paid search results both in order to remain visible to the people looking for a specific product or word. Whether the people end up clicking on your ad or not, that’s secondary. But the fact that you made it to the first 2-3 spots and the people noticed your company’s presence is what matters.

More is Good!

When you employ both the PPC and SEO, you get access to double the data to analyze than you otherwise would have. In this way, you can conveniently and with more accurately determine that which keywords have the highest conversion rates. This info can prove to be very useful for you. As it can help you determine the keywords that you should use to optimize your overall marketing strategy. Hence, more the information that you sign up, the better.

Works for PPC? Will Work for SEO too

In general, what works for PPC works for SEO as well. So, here’s the catch. By determining that which ad resulted in the most amount of conversion for PPC, you can use the same for SEO. You can create title tags, the content for the article and meta descriptions accordingly then. The advantage of PPC over SEO is that you get an almost immediate response. Therefore, it is a better idea to keep the PPC ads and the conversion rates as a benchmark for deciding whether to give it the shape of organic content or not. Because testing the organic titles takes time to give you the results. On the other hand, with PPC you will know rather quickly regarding what works and what not.

E-Commerce and AdWords

Google keeps changing its algorithms and always comes up with cooler and better things than before. One of the recent and cool developments by Google is in the world of e-commerce. According to this feature, you can now link some of the product pages directly to the PPC ads. Are you aware of the advantage that you get as a result of this? Let me walk you through it. This linking means that the PPC ad will feature the product. Apart from that the PPC ad will also feature the reviews of various customers and direct the people to the product page from there. So, you see the power of PPC.

Negative to Positive

There will be times in your company’s life when you will be hit with negative comments. And negative stuff does not take much time to go viral. Under such circumstances combining PPC and SEO will act to your benefit. Both of them combined can act as great damage controls. The principle that works here is the visibility. But for that, you have to be aware of the keyword that is being searched regarding the negative news that spread like fire. For example, during the Gulf oil spill, a lot of negative news came out against BP. However, BP played it smart and to tell the people about the cleaning efforts it combined PPC and SEO. It paid for the PPC ads that linked to the keyword ‘oil spill.’ Those ads then led to BP’s page where they told all about its efforts to clean the ‘mess’ up. They wanted people to know its side of the story. And was successful in doing so. This is how SEO and PPC when combined, work to your benefit.

Social Media’s the King

The dynamics of social media and the way marketing takes place on these platforms are changing drastically. This has, by large, been the result of more targeted advertising. If you wanna know the level of targeted that an advertisement can get, let’s educate you. So, with these evolving dynamics, you can actually target a seven-year-old boy sitting in Kansas who would be interested in buying a bicycle. That’s how specific the ads are now. Combining PPC with SEO helps you to refine your strategy for such advertisements. And allow you to better specify and target your audience.

Organic Keywords and PPC

If you wish to refine your organic keyword strategy than PPC ads are a great way to do so. Because PPC ads give you an almost immediate result. You can use them to test for a keyword to later incorporate it into your organic keyword strategy.

For example, if you want to test for keywords like Comcast Double play you can run a PPC ad incorporating the same. The results will help you decide if you should proceed with writing content revolving around this particular keyword or not.

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