6 Most Common Pitfalls In Golf Course Maintenance

It is always good to have John Deere golf course mowers and other new or used turf machinery for golf course maintenance. However, that’s not enough. You have superior quality John Deere golf course mowers but your staff is not experienced or trained enough to use these equipment and tools for an efficient golf course maintenance. You are well-equipped but are you qualified enough? In this article, we are going to cover 6 common golf course maintenance pitfalls:

Continuity of Officials

You are depriving your staff of opportunities for building a solid and healthy working relationship with bosses by changing officials every year. This affects communication and poor communication is also a maintenance pitfall. Green committee chairperson is holding an important position in the golf course management. However, in many courses, green committee members appoint or elect a new Green committee chairperson every year. It becomes more problematic when there are short-term members of the Green committee. Lack of continuity of the Green Committee chairperson or other course officials is neither good for the superintendent nor for the golf course maintenance program. Good continuity of officials leads to a better communication and understanding by all parties.

Maintenance buildings

Shockingly, many golf course facilities do not have adequate space for storing stuff used in the maintenance. They have barns. They are storing equipment, pesticides and tools and supplies in these barns. There are no employee restrooms. It is very important to keep your golf course maintenance facility well-organized. And, it should be a modern facility. This is necessary to ensure safe and efficient maintenance program. So, if you feel that it is required, do remodel and modernize your facility. Construct a new maintenance building for storing your John Deere golf course mowers, used turf machinery and other tools and supplies.

Tree Management

What is involved in good tree management?

  • Removal of existing trees
  • Root pruning
  • Trimming
  • And, planting new trees

Proper tree management is good for the health and growth of the grass plant. Grass need air movement and direct sunlight to grow and recover from damage due to traffic and disease. Trees too close to the turf put the turf under stress. So, if you want to maintain your top quality turf in the best shape, pay attention to the tree management.

Amount of Play

Don’t shout at the maintenance staff if you are allowing too much play on your golf course. You are not giving them the time they need for proper maintenance. They cannot do complete and correct maintenance in a timely manner. Topdressing, aeration and spray application are some of the activities that cannot be done safely and efficiently when there is a session in progress. It is the maintenance that preserves and protects your golf course. So, spend enough time and other resources on the maintenance.

Under qualified or lack of labor

Admittedly, 60% to 75% of your golf course maintenance budget covers salaries and wages. It is important to determine proper maintenance budget to meet the expected maintenance standards. You need a staff of 30 but you have hired only 20, this is not in the best interest of the management and golf course as well. So, hire experienced and trained employees in an adequate number. Give them decent salaries. Do not take shortcuts in this area.

Poor quality equipment or lack of equipment

If your budget does not allow, do not buy new John Deere golf course mowers. You can buy used turf machinery. However, make sure that the used turf machinery is in excellent working conditions. Invest in the used machinery of leading brands such as John Deere. Buy every single equipment, tool, machinery and utility you need in your golf course.

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