5 Interesting Facts Why You Should Invest in Silver


From ancient age to modern age, silver is considered a positive investment and maintain great market value. Nowadays, Silver is used to making industrial products, silver bullion coins, and jewelry. This valuable metal also emphasizes in the stocks market as an exchanged product. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 interesting facts why you should invest in silver.

1. Silver is a Good Investment in Stock market

The value of Silver in the stock exchange is mostly based on consideration. The price changes based on its supply and demand and therefore when matched with gold, silver is rather subtle.

Silver is among the most traded metals. This precious metal is a property of value, a way to face inflation boundary and brings an added advantage towards defending from other economic and financial crises. Silver has been present for thousands of years with great value and nowadays a beneficial medium of trade exchange. Although, there is a great industrial market for silver when matched with its biggest market opponent, gold. Improved trading demand may classify silver a dangerous purchase because of possible financial strikes. However, many experts have mentioned that industrial applications of silver are growing at a very high rate which indicates that the awareness of a slow market will not effect on the stock.

2. Benefits of Buying Silver Coins or Bars

The good old days of purchasing silver coins and bars are still active and alive. There are some benefits to purchasing silver.

  1. It’s easy to buy – You can purchase Silver coin or bar just like you purchase any other product online. You can buy silver from any online store like Amazon, LPM.hk, etc.
  2. Easy to Store – Silver coins and bars are easy to store. You don’t have to bother about the robbery or any technical meltdowns.
  3. Silver coins are impressive – It is a cool thing to own silver coin or bars. It’s also a subject that people find exciting to discuss.

3. Silver ETF Attract Investors

The growth of ETF (exchange-traded fund) has executed an important role towards potential investors who want to begin buying and selling precious metals like silver. Through executing contracts, it is now possible to have real silver bullion coins.

An investor can now have silver stocks through iShares Silver Trust. It is a stock sold as SLV on NYSE. Many experts mentioned that having silver ETF is better than owning physical coin or bars.

4. Silver Worth Every Penny

Most of the time investors lose their interest in buying silver coins and bullions. Therefore, ETFs as a great option to invest in silver coins or bars. It may seem a lot simple, easier, and secure.
Which option you should choose? It depends on the underlying purposes of the investor, to either buy and sell or makes fast money or for long-term investments.

5. Best Places to Buy Silver for Investment

There is some renowned bullion mint company where you can buy your desired bullion coin.

  1. Perth Mint – Perth Mint is Australia’s official bullion mint and completely controlled by the Government of Western Australia. They released several successful bullion series so far such as Kangaroo Coins, Five Blessings, Koala Series, Kookaburra Series, Lunar Series, etc.
  2. Royal British Mint – Royal Mint is a UK government-owned mint that creates bullion coins and operating under the name Royal Mint Ltd. They released several successful bullion series such as British Landmarks Series, Lunar Series, Queen’s Beast, Britannia, etc.
  3. Royal Canadian Mint – Royal Canadian Mint is a Crown corporation, operating under the Royal Canadian Mint Act. They released several successful bullion series such as Silver Maple Leaf, Silver Maple Privy, Predators Series, Lunar, Five Blessings, 10oz Coin Series, etc.

Hope, these tips can help you to understand why you should invest in silver. Please ask your query if any confusion.

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