5 Coolest Places to Surely Visit in Calgary

Do you wish to escape your city and exploring the most beautiful places in Canada? If yes, then prefer visiting Calgary as it is the youngest cities of Canada. The place is known for its fun activities, creativity and vibrant nature. There is a lot to see and enjoy at this place and two days tour is the best option not to miss anything. An individual can easily get cheap flights to Calgary from Toronto and even from different important cities of the world. Thus, if you have decided to explore this place, never miss visiting below provided 5 coolest places in Calgary.

The RiverWalk and Prince’s Island Park: The place is known for its amazing Rockies, parks and green spaces. A traveller will enjoy a short walk to the Bow River that flows across the city. At the southern bank of this river, RiverWalk is a perfect two-kilometre cycle and pedestrian path that from Centre Street Bridge to East Village that provides a view of Simmons Building which is a former factory, restaurant with refurbished interiors and craft coffee shop. It is best to visit Prince’s Island Park and wetland environment.

Calgary Tower: Visiting Calgary Tower provides a clear and bird’s eye view of the city from the Rockies to the Western side. This tower provides 360° viewing along with a section of a glass floor that makes a perfect place to enjoy and take cool pictures. The entrance to the tower is $18 CAD and comes up with an audio guide. This provides complete knowledge of the towers and history associated with it.

Studio Bell – National Music Centre: Studio Bell is a perfect place to in Calgary which is a home to Canada’s largest National Music Centre that also includes a performance hall. It also has an exhibition hall that is dedicated to the exhibition of various artists, Canadian music and rooms to enjoy videos tutorials along with playing all kinds of instruments like keyboard, guitar and bass. The place is best to spend a day having various funs and perform various activities.

Kensington Village: This is a perfect place to enjoy lunch and shopping in the bohemian Kensington Market. Visitors also get a choice to enjoy the short walk across the Bow River from the downtown area. This area is known for its pedestrian-friendly layout, cute brick building along with restaurants, cool cafes and boutiques.

Inglewood: Inglewood is a perfect place to enjoy a happy tour to Calgary and is a best suited for a day trip. The place has a lot to entertain, engage and serve you with the best pleasure of life. This place also provides the best location to enjoy summer evenings.

Thus, no matter what are your dreams and desire to explore Calgary, these locations are well connected with the flights. Cheap flights from Calgary to Winnipeg and to other locations are easily available that makes these 5 locations best to visit on a trip to Calgary. Thus, it is best recommended to pay a visit to these places in Canada.


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