5 Best reasons why a 65-inch 4K TV should be your Gaming TV

Console gaming beats PC gaming, hands down! Whether it’s the cold war between Xbox and PlayStation which is a different ball game altogether, but console gaming always had the upper edge. In order to enjoy the beauty of gaming with pristine detailing, it’s necessary to have a television that equates well with your console. If your choice is the 65-inch screen with all the latest features, you definitely are an aware consumer and a pro gamer but, if you aren’t aware why you need it or are a novice console player, then the following stuff should rev. up your knowledge about TV screen choices for gaming.

The Magnificent 4K

Let us take PUBG. The latest map Vikendi is amidst a heavy downpour of snow, and you have a 15x scope with you. In order to spot the enemies with absolute clarity, you need a bigger screen with 4K resolution so that you can send him to the grave with one headshot. The 65-inch ultra hd smart TV with 4K resolution (3840X2160 pixels) provides 4 times more accuracy than an FHD TV. This makes gaming look like embarking on a real-life mission.

Big is Better

The 65-Inch is an impressive size for a Smart TV. First of all, it’s a huge size compared to what average households usually have, secondly, for gaming purposes which have larger than life scenarios, a giant screen with brilliant features make gaming an experience each time you play. And whenever there are friends over at your place ready with the controllers, the 65-inch will make it all the more worthwhile.

The Power of AI

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way. With Android’s feature Google Assistant, you can do amazing things without even lifting the remote. The best part is you can start/stop/pause a game at any given moment simply by saying ‘OK Google’ and adding the command. That way you don’t have to multitask, your AI-powered TV will handle it for you.

Cinematic Sound

Sound plays one of the most vital roles in making a game seem livelier. Suppose if you’re binging on Rockstar’s opus Red Dead Redemption 2, an open-world gaming replicating the cinema-like experience, you need the brilliant Surround Sound technology to make your hours so evocative and immersive that even minute sounds like stepping on grass will come out with a crisp effect. Plus, it goes without saying that with the 65-inch 4K screen and the powerful Surround Sound, your experience will surely create an atmosphere that you may (currently) think is unbelievable.

Let us go through a Smart Television with all aforementioned features and some additional ones as well

Advantages if you buy the TCL X4 65-Inch QLED TV

  • Spectacular dark room feature because of perfect blacks
  • Noise reduction
  • HDR for optimum precision
  • Harman Kardon speakers for superb sound quality
  • Dolby Atmos 5.1 Surround Sound

USP- Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode

QLED- the technology itself is so revolutionising that any Smart TV which has this gets a straight A+ especially for gaming purposes. TCL’s X4 comes with the QLED feature which has nano semiconducting crystals that produce ‘Quantum Leap in Picture Quality’ presenting fantastic 3D-like depth imagery taking your gaming scenes to a different pedestal. The QLED resists moisture hence, increasing the longevity of the TV. With this technology, every scene of the game will be a result of true colours giving it a realistic edge.

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