3 Tips For Recording Your Next EP

In the world of blasting, traffic and loud chatters music is the only thing that rescues you from the world’s blabber. Cheers to all the artists who are doing a great job of fine-tuning the world with their music. While music is a subjective area and is bound to be critiqued and rejected, most of us ignore the fact that how difficult it is to survive as an independent artist.

To all the struggling artists we would suggest you switch on EP rather than struggling over a full-length album. The literal meaning of an EP is “Extended Play” though the reality is a little short. An EP is a short album with four to six songs. This form of production is way more convenient for independent artists, rather than going for a full album every 2 years go for an EP every year. This will maintain a consistency and keep your presence in the industry in check.

Now here are a couple of tips for your next EP-


We know putting limits on an artist is very unhealthy as to bring out the best needs a fine mind, skill, and the most important time! However, many small artists keep pushing the deadline and nothing concrete comes out. They might get one or two songs ready but what they need is an album to be released and be heard. We would suggest you put up a deadline on every endeavor you plan, let’s say you have 4 months to drop an EP. Post it on social media and then you have your reputation at stake. Your mind and body will work on their own to behold that deadline. This means you need to further plan everything right from your songwriting to determining the song recording studio, so it’s a lot of work, be prepared.

Have a close-knit sound-

As an artist, you should keep evolving with every album. Though it’s not a rock-hard rule you should maintain a unified sound and keep the EP’s taste synonymous with each song. You can change genres between the albums but its better to keep your EP homogenous. There are artists like Sex and Cigarettes which feature a similar sound throughout albums and other like Harry Styles which switched from pop to rock music, but remember one EP should focus on one sound.

Be Experimental-

Experimenting drives the music industry, remember Jimmy Page bowing his guitar or Queen’s signature opera notes creating something iconic like “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Alienating things brought us the electric guitar and found different genres like hard rock, grunge rock, metal, pop, country and more. As a musician, it’s your job to take the torch and light up this era with something new. The same goes to your EP you drop which you think has never been done before. Stepping out of your comfort zone will bring a new weapon to your musical arsenal.

Well, its December you have four months to schedule everything, create a unique sound, and be experimental. Get in touch with a music recording studio and get that EP out this March!

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