3 Telling Signs that you May Need a Transmission Replacement Soon

nissan 4X4

If you love your car, then getting it serviced regularly is part of your responsibility. Cars can go through different kinds of damages, especially during harsh winter climates which includes reduced tire pressure, freezing fluids and even a dying battery. But most of the damage occurs to a vehicle with normal wear and tear and a natural depreciation of the system as time goes by. However, one of the worst nightmares of every car owner seems to be a weakening of the transmission. Due to various reasons, you might notice the transmission gears not working properly which ultimately leads to a slipping of the transmission.

If you want to stabilize this condition, the pressure and the fluid levels both have to be fixed in the right form. In some cases you might even need to replace your transmission. While it is true that the original one can be quite expensive, even if it is for just 4×4, you can easily opt for a recycled one at the auto wrecker’s salvage yard, which will work just as fine. However, make sure to never ignore the telling signs of a failing transmission if you want to avoid a breakdown in the middle of the road. Check the fluid color, overall sounds and leakage from your transmission to figure out if it needs replacing. If you wish to know more in details, do keep reading:

  • Sensor Warning for Transmission Fluid:

If you own a relatively modern car, then chances are that it has sensors to pick up on irregularities. If there are irregularities in your transmission, then these sensors will recognize the vibration earlier than you can feel or see it. Check out the dashboard and see if there are any warning signs in your transmission temperature. This essentially means that the fluid in your transmission is much hotter than usual, and thus as a result making the transmission work at a much higher temperature. If this happens, check your fluid level and engine coolant as soon as possible. It is best to have it checked by a professional and understand whether it needs replacement or not.

  • Odd Noises:

Next, you must also understand and recognize and odd sounds that your transmission might make. Automatic and manual transmissions respond differently to malfunctions. In the case of the latter one, usually, you can hear a very abrupt grinding noise while shifting gears while for the former one, it is generally a buzzing or humming sound. You can also listen closely when your car starts up. If you feel that the transmission grinds loudly, then it could time to get a replacement. In any case, it is best to get it checked out by an expert or auto wreckers Brisbane, Victoria, etc. before any further complications arise.

  • Delay in Response:

Do you notice a delay or even a lack of response from your car? Then it could very well be transmission issues. If you see any difficulty in shifting gears, for example, when the engine is revved up but the car does not move as quickly, it could mean some serious problem in your transmission that you need to get checked by a professional immediately as it could soon turn into a safety issue as well.

Do not delay the process anymore! Get your car checked out and look for the perfect replacement options from a reliable auto wrecker company today.

Author Bio: Ben Cox, a veteran writer and blogger on auto wreckers Brisbane, Victoria, etc. here pens down a few essential signs of transmission failure that you should not ignore. Whether it is just 4×4 or AWD, you need to look out for these signs.

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