4 Wrong Assumptions About Online Reputation Management

Wrong Assumptions About Online Reputation Management

Earlier, most of the businesses used to gather private reviews or feedback of their business from their customers, leaving their competitors or potential customers clueless about what their customers are complaining about.

Today, the scenario is completely different. Customers are leaving reviews publicly on websites, Google My Business profile, or social media platforms. This helps the other potential customers or rivalries to evaluate a business by comparing the number of negative and positive reviews. However, most of the business owners are under the wrong notion that they have zero control over their online reputation as long as they receive negative comments from one or the other customer.

Moreover, they think their online reputation management is a time-taking process and customer reviews are invaluable to be considered. However, this negative assumption about online reputation management is not true at all.

As it is rightly said, “Try and try until you succeed”, a business owner needs to be consistent in his efforts to manage and boost his online reputation. If you constantly put in efforts to improve your online reputation by following-up your customers, requesting them to leave reviews, improving your products or services, regularly posting updates, expanding your online presence, and investing in professional online reputation management services, it’s surely going to be a win-win situation for you.

However, if these 4 assumptions about online reputation management are still lingering in your mind, you certainly need to move to the right track to manage your online reputation.

  1. Lack of Consistency

From a brand’s online reputation perspective, lack of consistency in maintaining your brand’s reputation, may leave your customers in dilemma and cause great frustration in them towards your business. They’ll be confused about your business’s updates or information that they might have come across on social media, website or any other online platform. This irregularity from your end can lead to your downfall as you’ll be losing your existing as well as potential customers significantly.

You must understand that online reputation management is an on-going process, and so for any slight negligence towards updating your business profile, responding to negative reviews and complaints, outreaching to the happy customers for gathering reviews or any other activity related to your brand’s online presence, you’ll have to bear the consequences. If it is getting difficult to manage your personal reputation at all times, you may consider hiring an affordable online reputation management company that will get it done rightly for you.

  1. Being Satisfied with Star Ratings Alone

Star-ratings generally come up with certain short-comings as they fail to provide truthful feedback of your business. They also do not justify the extreme cases which the customer might have gone through. Moreover, a mere star-rating makes it difficult for the customers to differentiate the quality of the product or the services of your business.

Therefore, make sure you request your customers to share their experiences as well when reviewing your business online. You may also ask them to attach related photos or videos to add value to their review as well as your business. Reviews or comments on your website are referred to as user-generated content which can also improve your online visibility. Moreover, they provide a customer’s opinion about your business which helps the other customers to evaluate your business and have their own perception of your business.

  1. Remaining Indifferent to the Negative Reviews

Seeing a negative review of their business is certainly heartbreaking for the business owners who put their heart and soul to become a leading business in their related industry. If the negative reviews are hurting your online reputation, do not be disheartened, rather pull up your socks and improve on!

Nowadays, customers generally access your business on the internet and go through your online reviews. Negative reviews are likely to grab customer’s attention quickly. Hence, they tend to look for your replies in order to evaluate how you have reacted to their negative reviews. Therefore, always treat your customers with respect, respond to their reviews politely and never engage yourself in online arguments.

  1. Assuming that There’s a Quick Remedy for Fixing Online Reputation

Have you heard about this famous saying, “It takes years to build up trust and only seconds to destroy it”? Well, if you have, you’ll probably be able to understand the value of your online reputation for your business growth. Your online reputation can either make you or break you. Therefore, it’s better to take precautionary online reputation management steps to avoid any unforeseen and devastating situations. You need to understand that your one offensive behavior towards your customer can ruin your business and spoil your name for years. There’s no quick-fix to such critical situations and it will take many years to heal the wound.

Your Decision Can Make a Difference…

Were you also stuck with these baseless assumptions about online reputation management? Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes. Online reputation management is indeed an ongoing process and it will continue as long as you’re running your business. Businesses involve risks and as a business owner, you’re vulnerable to the ups and downs of your business journey.

However, your attitude and strength to counterattack your negative publicity are what that matter. Do not be scared of the negative reviews rather approach your affected customers immediately, listen to their complaints, apologies, resolve their issues as early as possible and promise them to offer with better service next time. This will indicate that you valued their feedback which will ultimately rebuild the trust in your business. Never forget that there’s always a space of improvement at every level, so open your eyes to the new possibilities and strive to redeem the second chance from your affected customers.

To implement online reputation management strategies in an appropriate way, there’s no better way than hiring an affordable online reputation management company for its effective online reputation management services.

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