Why wear a mask?

Masks are an ideal way to remove dead cells on the outer layer of the skin. In fact, a mask performs many functions that improve the health and appearance of the skin. A good mask should improve the skin’s texture, make it lighter and more translucent, and also preserve its youthful qualities. The masks have a deep cleansing action on the skin, removing impurities, debris and dead cells. They also keep the pores free from clogged oil and prevent many related problems. Removing dead cells helps improve the skin’s ability to absorb products, making hydration much more effective. The skin’s cell renewal function also improves.

The drying and hardening process of many face masks and their subsequent removal causes an expansion of blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin tone. Blood circulation to the skin’s surface is also greatly improved, leaving the skin shiny and fresh. Masks must be chosen according to individual requirements. There are many types of masks, depending on the functions they must perform.

How to make a face mask?

Masks are a very good way to liven up the skin, in no time. Cleaning masks, which often contain clay or fruit, absorb excess oil. The enzymes in fruits such as papaya have a deep cleansing action and leave the skin shiny.

Moisturizing masks give a real boost to drier skin, smoothing our fine lines and refreshing the face. Some moisturizing masks also contain toning and firming ingredients, such as algae, herbs, and aromatherapy oils, and are great for improving complexion before a party or after an evening.

Complete cleansing mask

Cleaning masks are more suitable for oily skin and some combinations. They are designed to remove excess oil and contaminants from the surface. These are removed from the skin when the mask is washed. Cleansing masks also help to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Thus, they discourage the formation of blackheads, refine pores, and improve skin texture. They must be specially formulated to clean and refine the skin and are ideal for oily skin. The cleansing mask improves the texture of the skin and tightens the Disposable Gloves.

Surgical mask

Medicinal masks have been formulated for specific problems such as pimples, skin rashes, and other rashes, as well as for skin sensitivity. It can also be used if there is acne, as it helps calm and heal the skin. It also creates a germicidal surface to control the spread of such conditions.

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