Why Storage battery?


In modern times, most people’s attention has been drawn to the fact that fossil fuels contribute to acid rain and to global warming. These make them a less smart resource for continued global use, and hence the need for solar technology to improve our lives and the environment. In short: alternative energy sources like solar energy are now in higher demand. And now, individual homeowners and hobbyists can build their own home solar energy systems.

Interestingly this can be compared to water tank for rainwater harvesting. When it is raining the water is stored in a water tank and when the rain stops the water can be used even after the rain has gone. This is an electrochemical process. Same goes for solar batteries which stores the electricity converted by the solar module. In day time, electricity from the module charges the storage battery. During the evening or night time, the battery is discharged to power lights and other applications. Batteries are typically 12-volt lead-acid batteries, ranging in capacity from 20-200 Amp-Hours (Ah). Batteries, in a solar system, are typically sized to provide several days of electricity or “autonomy”.

One of the huge benefits of these batteries is the fact that most of these modern batteries do not require external electrical sources to recharge. In most cases the electricity that is usually required to charge the battery is produced using fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are in short supply around the world, and even if they are not, it is very costly to pump the oil out of the ground, transport it to a refinery and then transport it again where it will be used. That’s the reason why the initial cost of solar power is expensive, however in the long run its much cheaper compared to electricity.

The major setback of the storage batteries is its dependency on the sun. In most parts of the world, the sun rises every day, at least in an overcast capacity that will still generate some power, but in areas of the world where there is not adequate sunlight, such as the poles of the earth at different times of the year, this would not be a viable source of storing energy. In the long term, these solar storage batteries are a good substitute to using fossil fuels when the sun cooperates.

The sealed battery operates in any position and offers good shock and vibration tolerance. Most ICEs must be positioned in the upright position and mounted on shock-absorbing dampers to reduce vibration. Thermal engines also need an air intake manifold and an exhaust muffler.

The use of batteries is more and more endorsed as a green energy solution to liberate society from the dependency of fossil fuel. While this campaign is decent and right, the battery has not yet matured to assume this vital task. Pushing the boundaries of the battery reminds us of some of its limitations by being an electrochemical power source that is slow to fill, holds limited energy, runs for a limited time, however its advantages over weighs the disadvantages. NRG Upgrade offers several options when it comes to storage batteries and solar energy.

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