Why Mobile App Development Has Become Requirement Business?

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The process which involves the development of apps for robotic devices, tablets and mobiles is known as mobile app development. An actual, meaningful, usable, accessible and user friendly mobile app helps to promote business. Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of our phones. They provide an entrepreneurial ship opportunity to investors in digital world. Today, mobile are handheld gadgets and people loves to do online shopping instead of going a shop or mall. There are several major platforms and technologies that help in the development of mobile apps.

Mobile apps development platform:

There are two basic mobile apps development platform that are considered as a backbone for the development process.

  • iOS
  • Android

iOS platform:

iOS platform is compatible with iPhone, iPods, iPads, Apple watches and Apple televisions. iOS platform runs specifically on all Apple products. The software company in Doha, Qatar has provided high graded individuals for the development of iOS mobile apps. This platform has revolutionized the way by which mobile apps are being developed since 2007. The core of iOS is based on Darwin (BSD) and OS X. the user interface for registered touch iOS devices is Apple’s coca touch user interface. The developers use several traditional tools and libraries to build apps. The popular iOS development language is Swift. XCode and Objective –C platform is used for the development of iOS based apps. iOS occupies 18% of total shares in the market.


Android platform shares major part of the mobile apps development in digital marketing. As compared to iOS platform Android platform occupies 80% of the shares in market. The mobile app development company in Doha, Qatar involves the assistance of professional developers for Android web applications. Android runs smoothly on several devices made by multiple manufacturing companies. Similarly different versions of operating systems are available. Google has released the open source for the source code of Android. It is comparatively easily to devise an app for Android. Java is the native development platform for Android applications. Android SDK plug-in to Eclipse and Netbeans are also used. C/ C++ are equally encouraged for the development of mobile apps.

However, 2% of the total market’s share is occupied by Blackberry and Windows. Due to small market shares there is a less chance to get exceptional results from developed applications. All the mobile apps run exclusively on mobile browsers. The tools languages and frameworks for both iOS and Android are different. It is very necessary to combine the native code for programming languages. Native development offers raw speed which one of the biggest advantages. The software companies in Doha, Qatar also use web based or HTML components for the development of mobile apps.


Following are the common mobile app development services offered by mobile app Development Company in Doha, Qatar.

  • iPhone app development services
  • iPad app development services
  • Android app development services
  • Mobile app development services
  • Mobile game development services
  • Cross platform mobile apps service

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