Why I bought Breckenridge Real Estate

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Investing in a property is the strongest segment of Breckenridge real estate market. Located in Summit County Colorado, Breckenridge is one of the world’s premier ski destinations with over 1.5 skier visitors. Along with the skiing, it also offers other adventurous activities such as hiking, climbing, cycling, ranching, fishing, camping, white water rafting, sailing, music and film festivals, dance performances, wine tasting, art shows, county tours, competitions and other community and privately sponsored events.

All of these exciting activities and attractions increases the tourism for the Colorado Mountain real estate and thus, Breckenridge property investments which are purchased for generating short term rental income is emerged as the major segment for its real estate market. Investing in single family or multi-stored homes of this beautiful town as a rental property for short term basis is considered as the best option for generating huge income. While buying a single family home, you should determine if you want to rent the home to visitors for short stays or to rent the home on an annual or seasonal lease basis. You should also consider whether you should take the services of Breckenridge Rental Management Company or you should rent the home directly yourself. There are also chances that local rent Management Company will provide you better income by leasing your home for long term basis. In accord with the circumstances and the amount of rent, you should select the best option that suits your requirements.

Another important aspect you should consider while buying a property in Breckenridge is the sleeping capacity of the house. Larger homes with greater sleeping capacity are more appealing to invest in the Breckenridge real estate market, while smaller homes with less sleeping capacity generate less revenue. Next important thing that should be taken into consideration is the proximity of the property towards the Breckenridge ski resort and the Breckenridge downtown. The property should not be far away from both the places. The revenue of the property which is situated nearer to the ski resort is greater as compared to the property located far away from the resort. You should purchase the property which can be easily accessible through the local public transport or even by a short walk. All these things made a great impact on the revenue of your property. It is better for you to invest in the property that deals with short term rental income from the foreign visitors.

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