Contemporary websites are built leveraging a number of different technologies. While you don’t necessarily have to ace all these technologies, it is a wise idea to be aware of the basics of the available technologies and their pros and cons to understand the cumulative effect it will bear on your website.

There exists no single right technology to build a website. It is subject to many different factors such as the vendor’s experience, website performance, maintainability, ease of scalability for growth, etc. Maestros at https://webnado.com.au are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise to choose the right technology for your website. The choice of technology is dependent upon what the final objective is. In order to avoid making costly and grave mistakes, it is advised to know the nitty-gritty before you embark on this journey of modern technologies used in web development.

A website has a bunch of layers

Before you decide which technology to use for your website, it is important that you are well aware of all the building blocks of a website. Each website has multiple layers that represent a certain technology and each technology has its own functionalities. The most common layers are:

  • Client-side coding
  • Programming language
  • Framework
  • Database engine
  • Operating system

Client-side coding

HTML, CSS and JavaScript mark as essential components of your website. You simply cannot build a responsive and robust website without these components.

Programming Language

To run business logic or some custom function on your website, a programming language is used. There exist numerous different types of programming languages; of which the top four are, PHP, ASP.net, Java and Ruby. The programming language that expert web developers at https://webnado.com.au/ usually use is tailored to each individual case. Whereas some other less famous but effective programming languages that developers may use are Perl, ColdFusion, Python, etc.


This marks as the next layer in website development. A framework provides the building blocks to construct a website. Complex websites of today are made on frameworks because they are more efficient. Web developers possess a pre-written solution for most of the functionalities used on the website.

Database Engine

This is where the entire website’s data is stored. The choice of the database engine depends upon factors such as programming language, web server, etc.

Operating System

The choice of the operating system depends upon the mediums on which your website is to be run. Linux exists as an open-source OS and is available in several different flavors. Windows server is a product by Microsoft that requires a license to be fetched before purchase. This marks as the bottom layer of your website that actually makes everything work in conjunction. Many websites these days sport two underlying OS; Linux and Microsoft Windows. s

The layers of your website and your web developer’s discretion are the perfect mediums to decide the best technology for your website. Visit https://webnado.com.au and let our team of expert web developers make the entire web development process easy and efficient for you.


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