When and why you need a divorce lawyer?

When a couple have decided to end their marriage, one of the first questions that arise is whether they need a divorce lawyer. It depends on the divorce laws of your state and your situation. It has been noted that less dependence on courts and lawyers cause the divorce to run smoothly. Sometimes you may require one. Go to a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer if at all needed in your state.

Situations When You Need a Divorce Lawyer
There are various situations in which you may require a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer to help the proceedings. Let us go through some of these.

  • If you and your spouse are unable to agree on issues like children, support, or property, you can simply ask the court to grant you a divorce in writing.
  • If your spouse has hired a lawyer.
  • If there is a case of abuse
  • If you feel your spouse is lying or is being vindictive.
  • If the divorce involves children and financial issues.

A divorce can involve strong emotions, and a lawyer may not be able to provide a solution, but since you may not be aware of what your rights are hiring a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer is the best solution. The right lawyer helps you go through the entire legal proceeding smoothly.

What You Need To Do
Once you decide to hire a divorce lawyer, you need to ask your lawyer some questions to make sure you have chosen the right person. Check:

  • If he will support a decision to seek settlement outside of court.
  • Does he have a habit of battling out even the most minor issues?
  • What his charges are?

Ensure that you make your interests clear to your attorney right at the beginning. This is because some lawyers are so zealous that they take things too far, and you may end up burning a hole in your pocket or get back at the settlement table. This would be a sheer waste of time and money, neither of which you can afford to lose.

A divorce can create a stressful situation for the children involved if there are any. A child’s well being is of prime importance even if the partners have decided to part ways, and a long drawn divorce proceeding can affect children. A good lawyer will help you prevent this.

Joint Representation
A couple seeking a divorce cannot use the same lawyer, but a joint representation may be allowed when:

  • The couple agrees on the major issues.
  • They are confident that they can resolve minor issues.
  • They are informed and aware that the divorce lawyer cannot fully represent both during the proceeding.
  • They agree to the joint representation in writing.
  • They only require the lawyer to draw up the necessary paperwork.

Sometimes the joint representation works quite well at the start, but later on, an issue may develop on which the spouses disagree. In an event like this, the lawyer must transfer either one spouse or better still both of them to different lawyers.

The answer to whether you need a divorce lawyer is ‘yes.’ There is too much at stake, particularly when children are involved that hiring a lawyer is the wisest decision if you are planning a divorce.

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