Wheat-Free And Gluten-Free Snacks That You Can’t Resist

When it comes to gluten intolerance or celiac disease, having gluten is not an option. The primary concern of anyone who switches to a gluten-free diet is the taste. While it is widely believed that good health comes at the cost of sacrificing taste buds, it’s not entirely true. With lifestyle advancement that has taken a rapid pace in the current century, a healthy alternative for anything and everything has become a necessity. 

Snacks can be considered as the most important meal of the day. But with almost every food product containing gluten, it might seem impossible to find gluten-free snacks and if you are lucky enough to find one, it might turn out to be an expensive buy. However, the number of dieticians and nutritionists is ever-growing and the internet has become a one-stop solution for every problem. Blogs like the Glutenfreeindian.com provides a number of recipes for mouth-watering snacks that are both good for gut and suit your taste bud at the same time. We have compiled a list of top 10 gluten-free Indian and exotic delicacies that you will love and can even cook at your home with the least efforts.

You read that right. Any gluten intolerant person’s biggest trouble is avoiding wheat and wheat-containing food products. Gluten-free burgers are the best alternative for this case with the simplest recipe and a taste that’s even better than the regular burgers! A gluten-free burger contains every ingredient of a regular burger but has healthy alternatives for gluten. For example, All-purpose flour is replaced by almond flour, etc. 

Chila and yogurt can be regarded as the most famous go-to Indian snack. But if you are worried about the gluten presence, you don’t have to worry anymore. Moong Dal is dehusked Mung Beans. It is petite, light yellow in color, and this lentil is loaded with the good stuff. They are skinned and split so its easier to cook and digest them. This snack tastes best when paired with yogurt. 

If you are looking for a quick and tasty resort to your snack cravings, gluten-free garlic crisps are here to rescue you. Cooked in less than 20 minutes, this snack is a sidekick to on a coffee table.

Who doesn’t like to constantly munch on the light Namak Paare or Nimki? It can be simply referred to as the national snack with its presence in almost every Indian household. Switching your regular flour to a Gluten-free one when making this delicacy turns it even better both in taste and texture. 

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