What are you doing against the increasing pollution?

The earth has been sick for nearly a decade of which also have some effects on our lives. The surface has been serving humans for a very long time, but it is doing so the earth has got sick. So basically, what are the things that have made the earth sad? Let’s see; the ground has been providing the resources from its core for a very long time. But in doing so, the earth has gotten a little sick. The main things that have affected the earth health are explained below.

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Humans have surely been using the resources of the earth for decades for their profits. But while using them the factories that produce the desired products leave out hot gases or leave out the impurities that have been removed from the raw material. The hot impure gas is not good for the ecosystem. These gases damage the ozone layer. The ozone layer of earth protects the earth for the UV rays that are emitted by the sun. The impurities that are left by the factories in the rivers damage the ecosystem of the water. The living things in the water suffer from the impurities that are left by these factories. This pollution not only damages the ecosystem of the but also of the sea or the lake that it is carried to. The pollution in the river kills the living things by making them sick. Vehicles that are used by us for traveling, transport of goods.

These vehicles exhaust carbon-dioxide which is not good for the health of human as well other living things also. The carbon dioxide is not good for the health of earth as well. The carbon-dioxide makes the earth hotter than before. The exhaust rate of carbon-dioxide is more than the than the production rate of oxygen in the certain area. Due to this in some areas, the carbon-dioxide has really polluted the areas. The tree and the plants are the only sources of oxygen. The tree inhales carbon-dioxide and exhales oxygen of the which makes the ecosystem cool and the environment healthier for the living things on the earth. To improve the health of the earth and of the living things on earth.

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This has lead to greenhouse effect on the earth. The rise of temperature on the earth has also risen which has led to melting of ice on both the poles. The melting of ice has led to rising of temperature the water. To improve all these things the very basic thing we can do to protect the earth is plant trees. And the better way to do it is build parks where people can enjoy themselves. Bradley Fauteux has been helping the people of Canada by building parks. Brad Fauteux has been working to protect the environment by build parks so that the people can walk in the park, ride a bike or drive a four-wheel as well. The vast plantation of the trees and the plants will surely absorb the pollution in that area and will surely able to contribute to the improvement of the health of the earth.

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