How Various Window Styles Can Determine Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Aesthetics


You’ve probably heard it dozens of times that one of the best home or business renovations you can ever make is installing new windows. That is true, and most often for energy efficiency reasons. If you are replacing old single paned windows with double or triple paned units with insulating gases and protective exterior coatings then it makes sense that your utility bills are going to be lowered. There is a side benefit for installations such as copper bay windows Chicago for example – and that’s an aesthetic boost.

Windows are part of your home’s overall curb appeal, or look/vibe/personality. Your siding, trim, fascia, shutters, and similar features will all have a certain design style that they follow (neutrals, contrast, blending together) but the windows add to that overall aesthetic as well. Windows do a great job of breaking up the monotony of long siding or brick runs but their styles also contribute a lot to the look. Here is an example of some various window styles, and what they add to your home’s exterior aesthetics:

Double Hung Windows

The most conventional style of window that you’ll find in the industry. Double hung windows are often the most affordable, but they also have style assets as well. These types of windows are very much what you’d find on old farmhouses and they also mesh very well with the Cape Cod and ranch style, Dutch Colonial or Craftsman type architecture.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are taller, sleeker, and more modern looking than double or single hung windows. They don’t offer the panes that many people find rustic in double hung windows but at the same time that provides an obstructed view from the interior. Casement windows are less ‘busy’ than traditional windows and thus are preferred in more modern and contemporary homes. Casement windows blend especially well with architectural sheet metal Chicago such as steel roofing.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are basically three or more windows installed individually, but also as part of an overall larger pattern. These types of units are seen a lot on Art Deco style architecture but can also find a place in Craftsman homes, the Tudor look made popular in England,

Copper Bay Windows Chicago

Copper bay windows Chicago are especially popular in our area. Interestingly enough this style isn’t even trademarked by the window itself, but rather a copper roof that sits on top of the bay build-out. The copper bay creates a very unique contrast that has a very Oriental feel to it, but it meshes the best with the brick that we see in so many of the Chicagoland buildings. The different styles that are possible with the bay window roof are just another example of how G&D Services Group excels in architectural sheet metal Chicago.

Awning Windows

The awning window is unique in that it flips outward so that it can be opened in the rain. Awning windows are more popular on modern homes, or also additions such as a sun room.

In many cases it’s the windows that determine a lot of the styling of a house. Many people can determine the architecture of a building just by looking at the window style, kind of like how you can. decipher an old muscle car just by its headlights.

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