Upload Free Videos: Top 5 Popular Video Uploading Websites

So, you love watching, creating and sharing videos! It’s a great thing to entertain yourself and the world. Short videos can have a major impact on people and this is why people are leveraging its potential to generate awareness around their brand, raise social issues and other concerns. Video platforms also gather a vast base of audience for fun and entertainment.

  1. YouTube

More than a decade old now, YouTube is by far the world’s most popular video uploading website that attracts over 1 billion unique visitors each month. With millions of videos including movies, TV shows, and funny clips, it hosts unlimited entertainment for all generations. The videos are created by professionals as well as amateurs. YouTube’s guidelines are strict and do not allow any violent content, sexually explicit content or anything that is shocking, hateful or dangerous to society or people, and other material that is subject to copyright.

It accepts videos in almost any format, including all resolutions new 1440p and 2160p (or 4K), with file size limitation of 15 minutes. Longer videos require account verification. YouTube supports 76 languages.

  1. Vimeo

Used primarily by artists, bands, designers, advertisers and TV professional to showcase their work, Vimeo also restricts users like YouTube. Members are not allowed to upload content that is created by others. However, it is permitted with specific permission.

Vimeo supports videos in any format with maximum resolution 1080p. Basic membership limits file size to 500MB/week with maximum file size of 500MB, whereas plus members have limits of 5GB. It is localized for English, French, Spanish, and German languages.

  1. Flickr

Initially known as an image sharing site, Flickr has emerged as one of the most popular video sites. However, it support only short videos including personal videos, gameplay videos and others. It accepts videos in almost every format with maximum 1080p resolution. Localized for 10 languages, it limits file size to 1GB/3 min.

  1. Video Beaker

One of the fastest emerging video sites, Video Beaker allows uploading videos in WebM, ogg and MP4 formats. Users can upload videos under different categories after creating a Podium or their profile. Like YouTube, Video Beaker also restricts uploading of videos that are subject to copyright and/or feature violence and sexually explicit content. The brilliant thing is yet to come: it is absolutely free for all its users, as of now. Registered members can download videos too.

  1. Dailymotion

French in origin, Dailymotion allows users to upload and share videos of their choice. Additional features of the website include robust tagging, channel and group creation. Content uploading restrictions are same as YouTube.

It accepts videos in any format with maximum 1080p resolution, and file size limitation of 4.1GB/60 minutes. The video site is localized for 35 countries and 18 languages.

Conclusively, there’s full universe of online video uploading and sharing available to you with a number of websites. However, they restrict users when it comes to free services. But one thing that each one of them guarantee is unlimited fun and entertainment.

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