Types & Benefits of Shop Automatic sliding doors

shop automatic sliding doors

Shop Automatic Sliding Doors

Every shopkeeper wants to install or have shop automatic sliding doors on its shop-front. No matter what kind of goods or products it is selling. Or what kind of services it is offering in this shop. The Shop-front is the most noticeable thing in any shop especially, which is situated in the commercial market.

You need to attract the customer by satisfying it through the beauty and uniqueness on your shop-front. The shop-front should be effective that the customer could not ignore your shop and try to visit at least once. But the question is how you can make your shop-front effective and interesting to get customer’s attention? There are some important things that can help you for this purpose.

The first one is the architecture design of your shop or commercial building, the second one is the decoration and the paint on your shop-front, and the third one is the door that you are using in your shop that should be automatic and sliding. After that, the other things come in the list like double glazing, window blinds, posters, and so on.

What are the benefits of the shop using automatic sliding doors?

  • Comfortable entry & exit
  • More secure
  • Customer-friendly
  • More beautiful & attractive

Comfortable entry & exit:

The most important advantage of using shop automatic sliding doors on the shop-fronts is comfortable entry & exit. We don’t need to push or pull the door using the self-power to open or close the door. The door contains an automatic sensor that orders it to get open and close when someone tries to enter or exit.

More secure:

The automatic sliding doors are quite more secure and reliable because they don’t allow anyone to enter the shop when the connection is disabled. The shop-keepers turn off the automatic system of the sliding doors that disable anyone to open the door.


The sliding doors that are fully automatic are very customer-friendly. Because they give a welcoming impression to the customers when they come in front of the door. The customer gets happy to see such a comfortable and customer-friendly entry and exit.

More beautiful & attractive:

The automatic sliding doors are far more beautiful and attractive than the normal shop-front doors. Because these doors are usually transparent and are beautifully designed to give a warm and welcoming look.

Types of shop-front automatic sliding doors:

The shop-front automatic sliding doors are coming in different types in which few ones are very common and popular. The types of sliding doors are as follows:

  • Aluminum-glass sliding doors
  • Metal-glass sliding doors
  • Totally transparent glass sliding doors

Aluminium glass sliding doors:

These are one of the most common and popular types of automatic sliding doors that are being used in the shops and other commercial buildings. In such doors the aluminium border is fixed on the sides of the doors where both doors touch each other. It makes them more durable and save from damage or cracks.

Metal glass sliding doors:

The metal glass sliding doors are similar to the aluminium glass sliding doors. The metal is used in the place of aluminium the other things are the same in this type of automatic sliding doors.

Totally transparent glass sliding doors:

The 3rd type of automatic sliding doors is transparent glass sliding door which doesn’t contain any type of other material. The borders and the central body of the door is full of glass. These doors are comparatively more beautiful and customer-friendly. But these are not as durable as the other types of sliding doors are.

However, if your sliding doors contain a high-quality thick glass then you don’t need to have extra protection to your door.


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