Tricks To Get A Satisfactory Deal While Selling Your RV

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So you are in need of some quick cash and hence want to sell your motor home? Or maybe, you are looking for an upgraded model for your subsequent road trips? Whatever be the reason, selling your RV can turn out to be a daunting experience if you don’t follow the right tricks. The key to getting the maximum value for your motor home is to make people lust after your rolling home and to do that, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First off, why should they buy my RV? What is extraordinary about it? Is my deal good enough to lure the potential customers? Unless and until you find satisfactory answers to all these, don’t expect things to work your way. However, if you follow the right directions, you can even manage to get double of what a dealer would offer you. How to make that happen? Just remember these tips:

Be Aware of the Competition

There are hundreds and thousands of RVs available for sale at any given time and hence, selling your rig won’t be a very smooth task. In order to get your vehicle sold, you will have to match or beat the price set by your competitors as well as have to keep your rig in a top-notch condition. In case, the vehicle is extremely outdated or damaged you might have to reduce the price drastically to find a taker for it. Be sure to observe the ongoing market trends before fixing the price.

Set the Right Price

Always keep this in mind that the condition of your rig would be judged according to the parameters of the buyers, and it can be significantly different from what you think. Hence, it’s crucial to estimate the correct price of your vehicle so that it’s neither too high nor too low. Just like cars, recreational vehicles, too, depreciate over time, and the accurate value of a motor home depends on its make, model and the year of manufacture. Consider all these factors while fixing the price of your rig.

Display your rig properly

You will be able to get the best possible price for your rig only when you stage it well. Make sure you empty and wash out the entire basement area thoroughly and degrease and pressure wash the generator and the engine. Check if the awnings are in good condition and functioning properly and replace anything that is worn out or stained. If any minor repairs are needed, get that done and make sure that all the windows, lights, mechanical devices, and appliances are functioning properly. To make an impressive first impression, consider decking up both the interior and exterior. Place a small bouquet of flowers or silk plants on the kitchen table, hang some vibrant towels in the bathroom, and place a small bucket of colorful flowers at the entrance. You can also play some soft background music and keep some freshly brewed coffee and cookies on the kitchen counter.

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Design the Ad Tactfully

Both the images and the description of your ad play a vital role in grabbing the attention of the potential buyers. Make sure you take as many photos as possible from different angles and edit them thoroughly. While writing the description, keep it simple and lucid and mention the key characteristics of the vehicle. Don’t forget to highlight the USPs as these will help you lure the potential buyers.

Preparedness is the key to any successful deal. If you prep your rig properly, you can invite your buyers with confidence, saying buy my RV for a fair price. Follow the above tips to give your rig the perfect pre-sales makeover and clinch a satisfactory deal.