Traps Workout at Home

Wants a Traps workout but have no time to go Gym? Don’t worry. Get your traps big and strong at home now with some easy to follow Home workout.  For shoulders and head movements, the trapezius muscles play a vital role. Therefore, the imperative is to strengthen your trapezius muscles with a well-focused workout program at home. Daily traps workout at home is not all you need to build up strong traps. Ensure to include Back exercise that targets all the parts of the trapezius muscle.

Let’s take a deep look and understand some killer Traps Workout you could add to your workout program to get toned shoulders.

  • Dumbbell Shrugs: This is the beginner’s level Traps workout effectively target the upper muscles group. This is such an easy exercise one can do easily at home. Just all you need a set of Dumbbell.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Just stand straight and hold the dumbbells in both hands.
  2. Keep your arms straight
  3. Lift the dumbbell up toward the shoulder. Don’t use the Biceps to lift the dumbbell.
  4. Hold the weight up a moment and then return to original position.
  5. Repeat the set 10-12 times.

Note– Don’t use overweight as it can leads to cramps sometimes.

  • Pushups: No need to do very hard work with pushups. Just dip a few inches down and then bring yourself up. You can just use a chair by putting your knees on that and hands on the floor. Moving your head down to the floor and raise it up. Repeat the same for 5-8 times according to your convenience.
  • Arm Circles: Arm circle exercise is also an easy way to strengthen your forearms, shoulders and trapezius muscles. This form of exercise gives your muscles a good trap workout. Repeat the steps of large, medium and small forward circle. Repeat the same set for a backward circle. Just increase the rotational movement of the circle fast or slow according to your ease.
  • Squat Punch: Now this exercise is a complete way to strengthen your entire upper body and legs. Just make your shoulder and legs width apart. Lower down yourself into your squat and hold it. Hold this for some time and punch towards the front or left – right.  This is also a full body exercise and helps to relief from the stress. This is a simple form and one can perform this form of traps workout at home.
  • Isometric: This is a static form of exercise and don’t rely on weight. Whether you are at your office, home or standing in a waiting line, all you need to contract your traps and holding the position with contracted traps for at least 30 seconds. Some Yoga poses such as downward dog also help to improve your trapezius.

A strong back has many benefits covering spin support to remain in its proper position, increase flexibility, as well as preventing you from unwanted Back pain and injuries. All you need to apply a formula for Traps Workout at Home and that is Ideal Routine= Good Result.

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