Training Data Sets for Chatbot for Learning And Development

Chatbot training data

Developing an AI-enabled Chatbot application is very much possible if right quality and amount of training data is available. And Cogito Tech is the pioneer in supplying chatbot training data sets with NLP annotation and Text annotation services to make the speech recognition easier for automated machines.

The chatbot training data developed by Cogito helps to train the natural language processing algorithms learn and understand the communication process of humans when they interact with each other while solving a query associated with the products and services offered by the companies operating in different types of sectors.

Cogito provides chatbot training data for different types of industries and sectors needs such automated virtual assistant application to help and solve the queries of the customers through a personalize chatbot that can assist them through multiple platforms accessible through different types of devices.

chatbot training data

Chatbot Training Data Sets available with Cogito:

  • Training Datasets for Multiple Industries
  • Training Datasets for Multilingual Chatbot
  • Training Datasets for Dialogue Chatbot
  • Training Datasets for Customer Support Chatbot
  • Training Datasets for Question & Answer Chatbot

Chatbot training data set offered by Cogito contains the added metadata through Text and NLP annotation services that helps to make the important keywords in a sentence comprehensible to algorithms to predict the most accurate answers when such queries arise during the real-life use through such automated chat applications. Cogito is also expert in providing the high-quality training data sets for machine learning and AI development for different sectors like healthcare, automotive and retail etc.

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