Top plugins that every WordPress designer uses

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WordPress powers around 35% of all websites on the internet and that makes it the most popular open-source CMS platform on the web. With more than 50,000 plugins and over 3,500 themes, the software provides the opportunity to the web designers to set the internet on fire by designing game-changing and excellently functional websites.

The majority of web-designers prefer WordPress over other platforms because it offers the flexibility to designers to modify it as per their requirements. The best website design and development companies across the globe use WordPress to design incredibly functional and professional looking websites. One of the main reasons behind WordPress’s popularity is its plugins. There are numerous plugins in the WordPress framework that saves a lot of time and effort of designers. The software can offer you a plugin for every feature or function you need on your website. You can even find multiple plugins for a single feature so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. A plugin will help you make your website secure, robust, and SEO friendly.

Here, we are writing down the top plugins that every WordPress designer uses:


  • Jetpack: If you are a website designer, then you must have heard or even used this brilliant plugin named Jetpack. It provides security to your site along with improving the overall performance. The plugin also boosts traffic growth, optimize images, and improves the look & feel of your website. On top of all this, the plugin is free and comes to you without any price tag. Although its premium version is chargeable.



  • Elementor: It is a page builder plugin that has crossed 2 million active installs. It assists the professionals to create a top-notch design in a nick of time and without using coding at all. It comes with multiple built-in widgets that can speedily build any part of a website like text, images, icons, sliders, testimonials, animation, social media, in addition to a few others. The plugin can work with almost any theme and plugin without affecting the loading speed of your website.



  • Yoast: If you want your website to rank well on Google, then choosing Yoast can be one of your best decisions. It is a standard SEO tool that optimizes every page of your site so that Google can understand what the pages are all about and can index them as per the searches. It is a freemium product, but you have to pay if you want a premium version.



  • Gallery by Envira: As a designer, you might have wanted a plugin that can offer more than just some basic titles and a layout in a grid-like pattern. This plugin is the one that can meet your needs perfectly. It offers you artistic galleries that you can use to beautify the look of your website. The tool also offers options like different structures, templates, the position of the images, dragging features, and much more. The price of the plugin depends on the version you opt for.



  • Everest Forms: The plugin allows you to gather data from the people who visit your website. It can create forms with general as well as specific fields so that customers can review your products and write testimonials on your site. It is a freemium product of WordPress, and you don’t have to pay anything to use it.



  • Slider Plugin: Too much information on a site’s page slows down its loading speed and increases the bounce rate. In this scenario, when you want to provide complete information on a single page, the slider plugin can help you out by showcasing more and more content to the users, along with balancing the loading speed. The plugin can be quickly installed and offers easier usability.



  • WP Smush: There is no doubt that images can increase the effectiveness of your website.  But using tons of images can slow down your website’s speed and that’s what you obviously don’t want. The WP Mush plugin can help you out in this by resizing your images in a way that they take minimum space. The free plugin will make your website eye-catching by allowing you to add as many images without compromising on the speed.



  • Ultimate Sharing: Sharing your content across different social media platforms will help you to drive more and more traffic. The Ultimate Sharing plugin will allow you to share all kinds of images and social media posts in a blink of an eye on multiple social media platforms. It will provide your business the exposure that it needs to bring more and more customers to boost the conversion rate.

Apart from the plugins mentioned above, there are many other plugins that assist the best website design and development agencies to expand their area of expertise. Using WordPress is easy and simple because of its plugins that cut the workload of designers nearly to half.

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