Top Facts about Social Bookmarking in 2020

Social bookmarking is a way to introduce your blog and website to several useful categories to garner great back-links and also, some traffic. 

What Is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a modality to get great back-links, high traffic along with privileges for indexing, branding and promotion. It is the sine qua non for a digital or SEO marketing person.

What Is Use Of Social Bookmarking In SEO?

In SEO, on-page optimization must be followed by off-page optimization. With this, you can begin with social bookmarking. Start by submitting web pages/ blog posts to social bookmarking websites because it has so many benefits:

  • The quickest way to index your blog post or website in search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google) is by social bookmarking
  • Top sites of social bookmarking enjoy high PR. With this, you can get high-quality backlinks.
  • Your blog post can go viral by submission on social bookmarking sites.
  • Enhances your domain authority
  • Lowers rate of bounce
  • It will aid in blog categorization

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

Most SEO experts are indulging in social bookmarking. So, what is the secret?

Not all social bookmarking sites are the same. Before beginning to submit blog posts on websites, you must be aware of their regulations and rules. Many social bookmarking sites enjoying high PR ( are very picky and strictly do not allow spamming.

For such websites, you need to be more social and must attempt to build your profile by submitting blog posts of high authority on other websites, comment on posts of others, up-vote and re-share.

Before submitting your page to social bookmarking sites, you must be aware if you do too much spamming by the frequent posting of links, your site may be rejected or punished by the social networks.

So, act responsibly and ensure that you submit high-value content from other sources besides your blog, which will enhance your credibility, expand your follower base and create new links to other bloggers.

Also, remember to optimize your pictures for social sharing. Plug-ins, like Monarch, can help you to optimize images easily inside your blog posts.

You can also get your blog post running using inexpensive hosting sites like BlueHost, A2 Hosting, Divi Theme, etc.

Top Benefits of Social Book Marking

Social bookmarking sites play a crucial role in enhancing search engine position of blog posts and your site. Such sites can also help improve page rank of your site.

Sometimes, social sharing activity is limited to very few social bookmarking sites, and you may miss out on traffic from other sites.

If you want a great position for a specific blog post, you must create many backlinks of high-quality to that article, which can be accessed via social bookmarking sites.

There are numerous social bookmarking sites, and you cannot possibly link to all. But experts recommend that you submit your article to at least Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Storify, Scoop IT, Delicious, Tumblr, etc.

Social bookmarking sites have following concrete benefits:

  • Bookmarking sites can pull current bookmarks from your computer and transfer them to their site. This eases getting your favorite sites online without the attendant tedious work.
  • One can set up the sites such that they send a notification for specific tags to make you aware when someone on the network makes a bookmark using the same tag. Thus, you can keep tabs on any tag that interests you.
  • Other users worldwide can view your bookmarks online and make your site hyper-visible.
  • You can access your bookmarks from any computer granting you complete security and portability.
  • It amounts to a ‘social’ facility because you can interact with other users to send messages, share boo marks and pass comments on content. Hence, you become a member of a trusted community, sharing similar interests involving a more human element lacked by search engines
  • Some sites also provide nofollowlink instructing Google not to follow links, leading away from their site.


Examples of Social Bookmarking Sites

Here are samples of some of the top sites:

  • Reddit:

It is very popular but blog posting on this site is not easy. You are required to upvote and do re-submitting of Reddit posts of others. After doing this, you can easily submit your blog posts. Also, try to include few posts of highly reputed websites or add posts to related current news such that new persons upvote or comment on your posts.

  • Stumbleupon:

Powered by e-commerce giant eBay, it is a good source of traffic. For submitting a post on it, you need to register first.  A finished profile will aid you in the generation of traffic. Avoid submitting posts several times a day, which may be considered as spamming. You may contribute to other posts, in case you are running multiple blog sites. Just submitting will not suffice; you have to build up a network in your niche.

  • Bizsugar

It is the toughest website on which to post your blog. Here, you need to comment on and upvote on other’s posts. After you build up a strong profile, you can submit your blog post.


In sum, social bookmarking sites will, without doubt, improve search engine position of your blog/ site and cause an enhanced flow of traffic. You must encourage visitors to your site to share content on social media sites, which will enhance search engine rankings and boost traffic.


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