Top 6 Stuffed Animals for Kids to play with Joy & Fun

I still remember I had a little stuffed doll which I used to carry everywhere. I talked with her, slept with her and make her study with me. Every kid has that one stuffed toy they share everything with and cannot do without it. Also stuff toys are harmless and so you can allow your child to have lots of them. So here we are with the list of top 6 stuffed animals your kids can play with.

1] Lion Tubbie Wubbie

Lion Tubbie Wubbie

Kids when start watching animated movies ‘The Lion King’ movie becomes their favorite and they want a lion along with them. So, these 12 inches Lion Tubbie Wubbie makes a very good companion. This is the perfect huggable animal; it is very soft and is cover with light brown fur. Also it has an adorable mane and cute face that would make any kid’s heart melt to have it. Usually stuffed toys are told to be dry cleaned rather than washing it with water.

2] Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Teddy Bears are admire by both boys and girls. These huge stuffed toys are good companions of our little ones. They give our little ones good night’s sleep. These teddy bears are big in size and are inspired from bear animal. This stuffed is a very good cuddling partner because it is very sift and furry. It has a cute face, soft paws and innocent eyes. They are available in different colors too. They are durable and can be easily cleaned by only surface washing. You can buy stuffed animals online at affordable prices.

3] Baby Ugg Dinosaur

Baby Ugg Dinosaur


This stuffed toy is different from the other as it is made with new material called plush which is slightly different from the traditional one. It is a green colored 12 inches cute dinosaur soft stuffed toy. As a dinosaur doesn’t exist today this stuffed toy would make the child curious about it and he would gain knowledge about it. This plush materials feels so good and soothing on the skin make it one of the best cuddly toys.

4] Stuffed Unicorn Celestial

Stuffed Unicorn Celestial


Unicorns are most favorites of girls right now, so we couldn’t miss it on the list. These are white one horned unicorns with pink and purple color shades. They are of plush material and covered with fur. It gets dirty very soon because white in color but can also be easily washed so not a drawback. It looks like a heavenly or celestial body as it comes with a golden or silver horn. Buy gifts online for your kids to get a huge range of toys.

5] Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal


When the kids are introduce to animals they are most fascinated by giraffe because it is very tall. So here we have giant giraffe stuffed toy in the list because of its height. It is an inch or two shorter than most of us thus quite giant compared to our kid. This toy is best for kids for 3 to 4 years as smaller ones would get scared of it. This tall giraffe is like an elder brother to your little one and one thing for sure about this toy is it would never be lost. It has nice fur and as it’s durable your kid can also take a ride on its back.

6] Custom stuffed animal of your pet

Custom stuffed animal of your pet


We know our pet cannot be with us everywhere so you can get a custom made stuffed toy, a look alike of our pet. You can get a doppelganger of your pet if you have lost him due to some illness or either way also have it as you cannot carry the real one everywhere.

A stuff toy can be your child’s good companion, travel partner and a sleeping mate. Even when the child grows up he is still fond of his stuffed toy because that stuffed toy was his first best friend for real.


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