Top 10 Indie Artists in India

In India, it is very easy to be misinformed about something. Sadly, Indie music has been, for the longest period of time the biggest collateral damage of this ignorance.

Indie Artists

Upon hearing the word indie music, many of my countrymen imagine a band of rebellious youngsters, high on drugs, guitars, and drums.

Indie music actually stands for Independent music, produced independently from the famous record labels. This includes a completely self-made approach right from to composing various parts of the song to actually getting it out to the market.

Indie music has become a genre over the years but the amount of ignorance shown towards indie music and artists is scathing.

But change is more or less arriving on the horizon. Given below are top 10 Indian indie artists to whom you must give a listen:

The pioneer of Indie music scene in India is undoubtedly Indian Ocean. The band was formed in 1990 in New Delhi with Susmit Sen, Aseem Chakravarty, Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam being the founding members. Later, TuheenChakravorty and Himanshu Joshi were also included in the band. Indian Ocean has not only won several awards but also composed music for several Bollywood films.

Another highly popular Indian indie band is the Raghu Dixit Project. The uniqueness of the band lies in its sheer brilliance to combine Indian classic and folk music with jazzy beats. This band has also played for the royal family of London. It is probably the best Indian indie band in today’s time.

The one particular Indian band that has steadily risen through the ranks of indie music is Bombay Bassment. The band is known for producing catchy music loaded with mesmerizing beats. The band has often toiled with many genres such as funk, rock, pop, hip-hop etc. producing equally good music in each.

Founded by Mumbai based Nirmit Shah and Sid Shirodkar, the band plays with different styles such as jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul etc. The band is relatively new but they already arrived at the scene with their gig at NH7 Weekender. Their songs reflect the emotions and thinking of young Indian audience out there.

Zokova is like a breath of fresh air among all the upcoming indie bands that tend to overdo in their bid to shine out.The band relies heavily on unique, restrained use of their instruments. Their songs are a perfect combination of intense elements and floor hitting tunes.

The band is popular among hard core indie fans for creating music that is exciting as well as serendipitous at the same time. The vocals are often mix and matched with different sounds which has a ‘never listened before rock music’kind of effect.

Operating out of Mumbai, the band can easily combine 60’s American music with Hindi film music, as well as the rock music of 80’s with groovy music.

Formed by Shalom Benjamin and AarifahRebello, the band stands for energetic as well as elegant music.

Based entirely in Delhi, this band has been active at different gigs, playing their original songs which have freshness to them.

The songs often strike an emotional chord with the listeners. It’s worth a try if you love a high degree of bluntness in song compositions.

Thanks to social media, this band created the required buzz in various indie music circles. The band balances well on the see-saw between giving a new touch to old classics and creating new compositions. Raw and consistent is what makes the band stand out from the crowd.

They have been awarded with the title for being a math rock band as the guitar is really fast at places and subtle at others.

Nonetheless,watch out the band for their style of mixing indie with pop and adding a touch of aesthetic sensibility to their songs. And let us know about your favorite independent band.

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