Things to Know Before You Begin Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Weekend trip to Nepal

Nepal, Bhutan and the best are countries located nearby and all the three can be visited in one set of Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages. There are some important details to know before you begin your tour packages apart from the normal precautions that are to be followed before any journey. These things are important when it comes to law and order because if you are in India or any other country, you need to follow certain standards because you are entering the borders of other countries.


Visa is a very important document that is needed to enter any other country in the world apart from the country where one has citizenship. Apart from Bhutan visa, there is Tibet travel permit required for the tour. It is possible to apply for it only with the help of a local tour operator with whom you are going to travel over there. As far as Nepal is concerned, you need to apply for Visa for which river trip you want in Nepal once you arrive here.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit these three countries is autumn and spring season. These are the best times when you can enjoy more and take more selfies in the clarity of the Himalayas. If you do not want to visit the Himalayas during cold because of snow, then also this is the best time to visit these places. This is also the ideal time for visiting these places because you can enjoy trekking and hiking like activities that are possible in Mountain areas at their best. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes of rivers, clear lakes, vast grasslands and Snow Mountains.

Important Things

The weather in these countries is going to be cold therefore, it is good if you can remember warm clothes with yourself. If you have anyways planned to spend one night at least at the Everest base camp. You must keep moisturizer, lip balm and sunscreen the strong sunshine and dry climatic conditions in this plateau. If you are willing to perform adventurous activities like trekking, cycling and mountain climbing, have a word with your tour operator beforehand because if any of these activities charm you over there, you might miss some equipment for the medical condition required to perform them.

Check the Services

Check the services of the tour operator very well before you begin the trip. There is no harm or shame in asking small questions so that you can enjoy all the things available and fulfil your Expectations by communicating beforehand. You may please come up with your travel ideas and your budget can be adjusted accordingly. These Nepal Bhutan Tibet tours are meant for adding value to your memorable experiences. Do not forget to bring the cameras for taking memorable pictures. You also must carry some dry fruits or things that are necessary for you to keep yourself healthy and fit during winters.

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