Things that makes you to Fall in Love with Canada


How far are you willing to go for the love of travelling? Travelling may not be a constant in your life, but whenever you do travel it’s never without a reason.

Since a young age, as a kid, you travelled around during summer vacations, thanksgiving or at new years and it’s really exciting for kids. But being an adult you need more exclusive reasons to travel.  One of the amazing countries to travel to Canada.

It’s not as delirious as it may sound to you, but this country has its character and personality written in form of ethnic groups, culture and diversity. This brings a question to your mind; how a country can be so full of diversity? To tell the truth, you’d need to visit it rather than making any false assumptions on your own.

Canada – A Must Place to Visit

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can live in Canada, and that is pretty much the same thing!”

I clearly remember riding in Oakville limousine service once on my trip to Ontario, I found it hard to imagine a town with history and modernism breathing side by side, and yet here it was, Oakville. Stunning and equally amazing place to live or to visit, the choice is yours. But that is not enough to make you visit Canada, right?

Among all the countries why Canada? I have to say, I fell in love with Canada because;

It’s a beautiful world

Canada is the second-largest country and with the title comes the extravagantly beautiful land of natural wonders that’s a must-see. Lakes, rivers, mountains, glaciers etc. you can find it all here and move around and about these places with ease.  The landscape is eye-catchy and mesmerizes you deeply with appreciation and a sense of enjoyment.

Even the government has played a role in contributing to the natural community and preserved things in the more natural order. So if you are willing to visit over 40 national parks, this will do the trick.

Exciting recreations

I just love outdoor recreation sports. If you are also a sports lover and an enthusiastic traveller your love for hiking, biking and climbing area in the parallel zone to this country. You can have your fill of adventures in Vancouver, British Colombia, Toronto, etc. where outdoor recreations are the best an well, the visit is worth it.

Even camping is fun in Canada.  Do you think you want to miss the fun? I don’t think so. You must try out the lake activities kayaking was a wetter experience than I originally imagined and the best way to spend summertime.

Affluent towns and neighbourhood

Unlike bigger gems, the smaller and quieter places are a fresh dose of air for you. As I mentioned earlier, my time in Oakville was a pretty amazing experience. Limo service in Oakville is rather convenient to travel all around the city, hence I saved the majority of the travelling expense and got to see the national museum, the parks, Pizza parlours offer great discounts and the conservatory is a unique experience I added to my list.

But what I loved most the picturesque harbours and the vibrant shopping districts. Similar to it, surrounding neighbourhoods are pretty fascinating on their own too.

Never forget the hockey

Don’t let the game defy your belief on Canadians being friendly. Canada is the birthplace for hockey for many reasons but for now, it’s the favourite national game that everyone loves. Cool hunks skating on ice is my favourite part. But well, this is lifeblood sport and exciting time for the community. I have seen kids here growing up with skates and sticks.

It’s not only the guys who play but women as well. Hockey is born and bred here. You will see more skaters here in your short visit than you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

Penny for your thoughts

Nothing can thaw your experience in Canada.  With all the love and maple in the world, you will find yourself falling in love with the country for many other reasons as well. Experience Canada in your own way and let it bedazzle you.

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