The New Way to Get the Smile you Dream Of

For many adults, the thought of wearing visually unappealing braces made of metal and annoying elastics prevents them from ever getting their teeth straightened.

Luckily, teeth straightening in this day and age bears little resemblance to its traditional all-metal forerunners. There are now far more discreet options in terms of dental braces for adults, so the process of getting your teeth straightened need no longer impede your self-confidence at professional functions, business meetings and social events.

Is there such a thing as the best braces for adults?

If you want straight teeth, don’t overlook clear braces for adults – even though they are almost transparent! Made of clear ceramic materials, they are far less visible on your teeth than old fashioned all-metal braces. Clear ceramic braces differ to Invisalign, which is another clear alternative to metal braces. Invisalign is a great option for many people, but for others, particularly those who have larger gaps between the teeth that need to be closed, clear ceramic braces provide the necessary strength and support to realign the teeth.

When your orthodontist recommends braces as the best option for you, regardless of whether you choose the metal or the clear version, today’s systems are much more effective, hygienic and pleasant to use than the old-school ones. The best braces for adults are now fully tailored to your own personal requirements and tooth movements and, thankfully, don’t require the elastic bands to hold the brace wires in place. This not only makes the braces more comfortable to wear, it also makes them less likely to attract plaque.

Better treatment at no extra cost

Usually something that’s better than the alternatives is also more expensive, but in the case of clear braces this isn’t the case. The best orthodontists believe that cost shouldn’t stand in your way when you’re getting your teeth straightened, so they won’t charge you more for this procedure than for old-fashioned all-metal braces.

The factors that have a greater impact on the cost of treatment are actually the severity of teeth misalignment and the length of time it will take to straighten them. To make treatment accessible to more people that need it, the best Sydney orthodontists offer payment plans to fit in with individual circumstances. If you are insured with a health insurance provider, you should research potential inclusions for these dental procedures. Unfortunately, health fund ‘extras’ don’t rollover and accumulate, and in fact re-set on the first day of the new year, so to avoid missing out on inclusions, use this year’s orthodontic and dental rebates before they run out on 31 December.

An initial consult with an experienced Specialist Orthodontist will consider all the above factors, as well as the unique circumstances of your lifestyle, when suggesting a treatment plan for you. Whichever treatment your orthodontist prescribes, you can rest assured that the teeth straightening process you undertake will be discreet enough not to negatively impact your professional or social life, and that you’ll be on track to achieving the smile you dream of.

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