The Best Way to Experience Animal Wildlife

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect family holiday or romantic getaway destination? Well, you don’t have to look any further! Botswana is the perfect destination for both family and romantic holidays. What can you expect from a Botswana holiday, you ask? Continue reading to find out and learn about Botswana game reserves, which have been regarded as a once in a lifetime experience! (Information source:

A game reserve is described as a huge area of land where wild animals inhabiting that area are protected. At Botswana game reserves you will typically find lodges for accommodation so you can stay in the game reserve itself and experience the many activities it has to offer. Botswana is one of the biggest tourism attractions as a result of Botswana’s wildlife.

The types of activities you can expect in Botswana are safari drives, guided game drives, animal spotting, bird watching, star gazing, bush walks, interactions with san people, where you learn about their culture and history, and many more.

Before going on any holiday at a game reserve, you need to be sure that you have packed everything you’ll need and no more than that. Safari drives are an experience on their own! Be sure to take a fully charged camera, a hat, sunglasses, a pair of binoculars and a bottle of water. You’d be surprised by the incredible flora and fauna you’ll see while on the safari drive.

Guided game drives are best for family holidays, as the game ranger will have a host of knowledge on various animals, allowing for a fun and educational family trip. The requirements for making the drive as comfortable and enjoyable as possible are the same as the safari drives. Another tip is to keep the volume to a minimum; you wouldn’t want to startle the animals or miss out on any of the information the game driver is providing.

There are diverse species of birds in Botswana, making it a great birdwatching destination. Bring a book, hat, fully charged camera, water and a snack to enjoy a full day of birdwatching.

Star gazing is beautiful in Botswana, as there are not as many lights there, making it the perfect star gazing destination. Simply place a blanket outside and spend the evening looking at the stars with your loved one or family.

Bush walks and interactions with San people are the main attraction in Botswana game reserves. You learn about their culture and history, as well as the types of plants they use for medicine. Thereby, giving your family a great historical and educational holiday.

To experience an amazing holiday on a Botswana game reserve, research accommodation in Botswana and start planning your trip as early as possible, as this is a hotspot for tourists during holidays. Make sure you plan a long enough trip so that you have enough time to view the whole reserve and do all the activities you wish to.

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