The Beauty of Radha Krishna Paintings

Today, people are changing romantic partners like anything and materialism has so much engulfed our lives that there is absolutely zero space for love in our heart. We think we love, but in reality, we do everything but love. There is no jealousy, anger, resentfulness, selfish reasons, and discontentment in true love. True love is something that takes our soul in a transcendence mode and you will experience that ecstatic electrification in your entire body and mind that calms you and elevates your soul above physical reality.

I can say true love exists because I know the otherworldly tale of Radha and Krishna. I say ‘otherworldly’ because expecting such a relationship in 2018, on earth, is no different than hoping Superman is real. On a serious note, the blissful and extremely appealing tale of Radha Krishna makes us believe that humans are meant for something more glorifying than winning wars and building empires. What is the true purpose of your soul?

Krishna’s story, since his birth, has been marvellous and quite captivating. He had a remarkable escape from the prison as soon as he was born, he killed several feared creatures at Vrindavan (the native place of his foster parents), killed his evil uncle, Kansa, guided Arjun in Mahabharata and fortified a state-of-the-art city in Dwarka.

All of us are pretty much familiar with these accomplishments of Lord Krishna. But what about his relationship with Radha? They were never married, they were not together, and yet Radha Krishna is all we have been hearing from the devotees. Why is Krishna being connected with a girl who he never got married to or neither remain hooked to?

It is so because they don’t need to. The divine love between Krishna and Radha shows the bolstered and sacred bond a soul has with its creator. It’s like meeting your maker.

From thousands of years, a number of artists have been trying to depict a glimpse of true love by crafting some of the dazzling Indian traditional paintings.

The charisma of Radha Krishna Paintings

If you would explore any illustrious offline or online art gallery, you would see that the demand of meticulously made paintings of Radha Krishna is quite high. Why is that?

Because people want to bring that scent of true love in their home and workplaces. A lot of interior designers have started recommending striking Radha Krishna artworks in the living room and even in the master bedroom. They think that the purity and adoration that these paintings sprinkle in the entire aura of the room is just unmatchable.

IMHO, I have bought one of such mesmerising artworks because I want to be close to such reverent souls even it means through their manifestation. Surprisingly, a lot of art collectors have also confessed that the demand of Indian traditional paintings has been on the rise for last few decades.

Some of the best places to hang the Radha Krishna artworks are:

Living room: This is the room where you would be spending most of your time. Your friends, guests, relatives, etc all will hang out in this particular space most and so it becomes really essential to adorn the wall space with something ecstatic and unmitigated. Putting up an abstract painting of Radha Krishna could be a really fresh yet bright option.

Kid’s room: There was no adulteration in the feelings of Radha and Krishna at any point. This type of sheer emotion and devotion is something that every growing kid in our nation should be in tandem with. True love doesn’t resemble lust and will never be dependent on the physical presence of the souls. The painting will spiritualise and purify the entire aura of kid’s room.

Bedroom: What can be a better place for Indian traditional paintings other than your bedroom? Hanging an entrancing Radha Krishna painting will make your bedroom full of positive and alluring energy.

Final Words

The undying devotion and commitment that Radha expressed in the very young age represent the surrender of the soul when it encounters the creator. As per the mythological tale, when Krishna was about to leave Vrindavan and go to Mathura (Krishna was mere 14 years old), Radha asked him “Why can’t we get married?”

Krishna smiled and replied “Marriage is a union of two souls. You and I are one. So, it’s impossible for me to marry you”. While some other stories say that Krishna and Radha got married in Vrindavan forest in a hush-hush ceremony.

Whatever may be the truth, today, after 5000 years, all across India and the entire world, RadhaKrishna remains inseparable.  If you ever get a chance to purchase Indian traditional paintings, I would suggest you go for some radiant artworks of RadhaKrishna.

Further, if you want to submerge yourself in the life of Krishna, visit Vrindavan (in Mathura, U.P.) to see how still, people are praising the love of Radha with the creator. The celebration there is just a blissful reminder that if you have the heart to love someone without any materialistic string attached, that emotion and feeling becomes timeless and eternal.


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