Save your beloved children from road accidents by controling their driving behavior with GPS vehicle tracker

Undoubtedly, most exciting part of teenager’s life is when they drive themselves for the first time. Although, children enjoy their growing independence for their parents its still nerve-racking. It is naturally because number of road accidents involving teenagers is increasing at very fast rate. As per  (Jan 20, 2017) 15,633 children were killed in road accidents across India in 2015, that boils down to 7 times more deaths caused due to road accidents than due to crimes against children, like murder and foeticide.


Just because of the reason that your children are driving along does not mean that you cannot control their driving habits. There are certain GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems and their  services are available that can help parents observe their beloved one’s driving and can save them becoming the victim of road accidents.

Puma Guard one of  the leading GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems in Chandigarh, India  comes with various features with the help of whom parent’s can monitor their wards driving behavior and accordingly can encourage them to opt safety measures.

Features of Vehicle Tracking System:

1. Geo- Fencing: With help of this feature you can set a virtual perimeter on Puma Guard App for a real world geographic area for your car and if your child tries to go for a trip without your permission, as soon as car crosses the defined boundary an SMS alert can be generated on your mobile or website.

2. Live Location: Whenever your child will go out in car, Puma will give real time location of the car anytime and anywhere on you mobile or desktop.

3.Panic Button: In case of any emergency your ward  just has to  press the panic button and a text alert will be sent  on your mobile.

4. Over Speeding Alarm: Parents can also set an over speed limit on Puma app and as soon as their children cross the maximum speed limit your mobile will instantly get a text alert.

5. Route Playback: With help of this feature parents can check the route opted by the children to reach the destination and accordingly they can advice children to choose less traffic roads

In addition to these measures parents must also advice them:

1. Not to indulge in gossips while driving.

2. Must avoid loud music.

3.Avoid drink and driving.

4. Must skip having meals .

Graph of teenager road accidents will certainly be lowered if these measures are put into effect.

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