Reputation For Ranking – Myth or Fact?

Your reputation also becomes an essential factor. It is best if you can think in the minds of a user and create a website which you would like to use. Put a short bio and establish your authority. Give real-life examples and ways to contact you. Gain your client’s trust. This, with your SEO’s efforts, will take your website a long way.

Guidelines by Google for better Ranking

The most notable points from the guidelines are as follows:

  • “For a website with different authors and/or content creators working on different pages of their website, Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness (E-A-T) score of the creators of the webpage and their reputation of the main content [MC] becomes very crucial and extremely important.”
  • “In popular and/or reputed websites of large businesses, large organizations, as well as well-known(very popular) content creators, it is preferred and expected to find reputation information.”
  • “Depending on the context, for some topics of new or even YMYL related pages, the most expert and/or trusted sources of information are ordinary people who share their personal life experiences and what they witnessed on (personal) blogs, forums, reviews, discussions, etc.”

Expertise depends on the context of your content.

For example, if I’m going to give some financial advice, it’s better if I know the subject. On the other hand, when I’m drafting a blog on my experience with finance and how it affected me, it is enough just to share my life experiences

Expert Advice for Experts

Google makes it clear that the following your information should be written by experts:

  • Medical information
  • Financial advice
  • Advice or information pages on any topic that can have a potential negative impact on a person’s health, happiness or wealth
  • High-quality hobby pages

Technical SEO Aspects

The author’s information and the contact information should always be straightforward to find. Lacking a reputation is not always bad, but having a generally bad reputation will hurt your website. It is preferred to have some kind of third party endorsements. Edit out the low E-A-T content or at least reduce it. Technical security is fundamental. The not secure warning on opening your page will have a drastic effect on it. Plagiarism is one another thing that can completely pull down your website. Always mention the source and quote them.


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