Replace Old Tiles With Best Refinishing From Bathreno Gurus

Tiles are the essential part of your bathroom or kitchen. Tiles give a trendy look to the physical appearance of your home. Whenever anybody enters in your home, they put a glance on the floor. And what happen if your floor never looks good? A bad impression is ultimately transferred. For this reason, the cleaning of tiles play important role. Sometimes dropping a heavy material on floor can damage tiles. Hence, cracks and scratches appear on floor tiles. The improper cleaning routine leaves stubborn stains on tiles. The tiles look aged, wrecked and dirty. It is a sign to replace them with a new one. You can buy new tiles but it is very expensive. On the other hand, refinishing is cost effective and this procedure requires less time to be completed. The bathtub resurfacing replaces all the broken edges and dull surfaces in your bathroom and turns it in a new one.

Bathreno Gurus offers bathtub resurfacing and tiles reglazing services under highly affordable rates. Our company is performing its services in Toronto, Canada. We have a team of expert members that perform professional refinishing services. All the services are durable and up to the mark. We use high quality refinishing material to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. All the charges are according to area and condition of material to be resurfaced. We offer warranty of 1 year on all refinishing services. You can contact us 24/7 for any queries.

Trends change with the passage of time. The people prefer to go with the flow. Replacing old color scheme with a new trendy one is usually preferred. Floor tiles refinishing is Toronto is the best option for you. All the tiles can be repaired, restored and refinished according to your choice. So if you do not want to stick with your old tiles select floor tiles refinishing in Toronto. It restores glaze of tiles and gives a brand new look to bathroom. The process of tiles resurfacing consists of following steps:

  • In the first, proper examination of the area to be resurfaced is performing. Our professional team members guide you about the full procedure and perform tiles reglazing according to your choice.
  • The tiles are cleaned to remove all the residues like oil, grease, soap chips, dirt and grime particles.
  • The etching of tiles is performed to make sure that refinishing solution adheres properly on the surface.
  • All the chips and cracks are filled and sealed properly.
  • Recoating of grouts is performed.
  • In case of bathtub tiles’ refinishing, any damaged or missing caulking is repaired.
  • In next refinishing products are applied.
  • Multiple layers of primers are applied and enamel is coated as a final touch to give a glossy look.


Bathreno Gurus offers following impactful services to its clients:

  • Bathtub refinishing
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing
  • Floor tiles refinishing
  • Chips and crack repair
  • Wall tiles refinishing
  • Acrylic wall system
  • Shower doors
  • Epoxy flooring


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