Recharge Your Senses By Savoring Amazing Places in Goa

Goa is a world-famous state that has many different places that are unique to Goa only. Here are some of the most amazing and heart-filling places in Goa that every tour maker must visit and explore to experience a beautiful moment in Goa.

10 Most Exciting Places to Visit in Goa

Based on the type of tour and the number of members who want to make a tour to Goa, various travel agencies provide different tour packages to serve as the perfect Goa Holiday Package. All these tour packages have different offers and features that ensure that the travelers and tour makers can make their visit to Goa a memorable and happy one.

10 Amazing Places Included In Goa Tour Package
Goa Tour and Travel
  • Chorao Island:

This beautiful island is located away from Goa mainland. It is a small yet attractive little village island that has self boundaries with backwaters. This island is often included in most Goa Tour Package for a couple. It is a perfect place for couples to visit and enjoy and experience a comfortable stay there. The island is also visited by various sorts of migratory birds that make the island a beautiful place to view.

  • An Abandoned Monument:

This monument was abandoned a long time ago. Women were not allowed to go out of their houses for any kind of exploration. The monument is now covered with many bright green plants that make the place look like a plant-covered old monument. The view of this greenery covered monument is very beautiful to look at. This place is always included in the Goa tour packages to be visited by the entire family fleet.

  • Bubbling Lake:

This lake is a beautiful aspect of Goa and is very suitable for honeymoon couples to pay a visit to. The views of various kinds of fishes making jumps over the water are some of the amazing views to look at.

The unique specialty of this amazing lake is the ripples in waves that get created when one claps while sitting aside the steps of the pond. This does have a scientific explanation behind. The methane that gets generated under the water due to the decaying vegetation causes this beautiful effect. This place is included in The Goa Honeymoon Tour Packages.

  • A 1000 Year Old Temple

This place is one of the unique places in Goa. Considered to be a hidden gem in Goa, the Mahadev Temple was built during the ages of the Kadamba Dynasty. Although a 100-year-old temple, the temple still stands tall and beautiful despite having been built about centuries ago.

  • Scenic Drive in Paddy Fields:

As the name says, the view in this paddy field is scenic. Goa is best to be explored in bikes for no doubt. When exploring Goa on bikes and cycles, one can see the paddy field for sure and find out how beautifully the native people of Goa use their plowing techniques to grow paddy in these fields. This place is included in the Goa Group Tour Packages, which is available at TourTravelWorld.

  • Harvalem Waterfalls:

This waterfall Is situated in Sanquelim. It is a very fierce waterfall and looks bizarre with the Rudreshwara Temple near the waterfalls. This waterfall is very less crowded with no food court as such nearby.

  • Mondovi River Cruise:

This is a very famous river cruise in Goa. It has gateways. The setting sun is beautiful to look at from the cruise and is perfect for the local people who make a tour of Goa on the cruise. The moonlight cruise is also available in the Goa is visited during the full moon. This place is included in the local tour package in Goa.

  • Dolphin Spotting:

Another activity Goa is very famous for is the dolphin spotting activity. The view of several dolphins making huge jumps out of the water is a very amazing view to look at.

  • Spelunking In Goa:

Apart from the Goa beaches, there are a series of caves in Goa like the Lamgua caves and the Arvalem caves that are very old yet beautiful to look at.

  • Oldest Goan Fort

This fort was built in the 16th century and is also called Cabo De Rama. It is very abandoned and has less crowded but provides a beautiful view of the sea.

Goa Tour Package

Tour Packages for Goa come in different sizes as per the number of members to make the tour, and the number days they want to stay in Goa. They are very budget-friendly and easily available nowadays.



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