Proof That Web Design Questionnaire Really Works

We have expanded this information so that you can know the key elements that must be taken into account before starting a web design. If you also want to know the latest trends in web design Dubai you can find more information here.

I’ll explain why we did this web design questionnaire: in the past, when dealing with a new client in Dubai, it happened several times that they did not know how to explain what kind of web design they want us to design. It is very typical to be told: “I want you to design a website for me or for my business: Leave the logo of my company on the cover, with the Facebook and Twitter logo, and leave all the information about my company and contact information …

As you will understand, with that we do not advance anything, because they are obvious, that is why to make a finer spin when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of the client, we understood that first its important to know what he really wants. That’s why I started using a questionnaire for web designs and following is a sample for your future reference when you would like to create a web design for your business in Dubai.


  1. How would you define your company? 
    1. This is one of the most important questions because it will give us a lot of information relevant to web design Dubai.


  1. Why do you need a web page? 
    1. You may need the web design to offer information or to sell, in case you want to sell online, we have other complementary questions later. 
  2. Are you willing to make changes and keep the web page “alive” and updated? Who is going to take care of the maintenance?

This is a key question, there are many clients who are asking for web design, but they are not aware that it does not much if it is not updated regularly. Social Networks, Blog: Yes we are able to understand the importance of having a blog and social networks from which to share interesting content, we may hire this service. 


  1. Please share a list of reference web designs that you like and also state why do you find them


With this question we will know your tastes in terms of web design, your favorite websites will be of great help. Never forget that the customer must be very satisfied with the web design, a satisfied customer is the best marketing. 

  1. How many people will be involved in the project? What are your role and your responsibility? 

Do you have a Project Manager on staff?  

We need to know who will provide all the details and give us the feedback, etc. 


  1. What is the deadline for delivery of the work? 

It is vital to know the deadlines, to be able to organize a Project Management Plan. 


  1. Have you “analyzed” the websites of the competition to find out what you do NOT want on your website? 

It is very important to know that they do not like it so as not to fall into error.

 8.  Do you plan to make online sales? If so, what is the product or service that you are going to sell? 

The design of the web can vary a lot depending on the sector of the products, it does not require the same level of design a fashion company as another of construction material.


  1. Do you want Arabic, English languages?If your business is based in the United Arab Emirates only or it is a global business, you have to build the website in several languages (normally Arabic and English).


I hope you liked our web design questionnaire. What else would you ask?

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