Planning A Terrace Garden

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With the scorching heat taking its toll and the level of temperature and pollution restricting your options of having an affable afternoon or evening, terrace gardening is the ultimate solution for people who don’t like being a couch potato. 

Here are some trending ideas from some of the top terrace designers & pergola designers that will surely help you rejuvenate your garden. 




With space limited precision is what matters the most. Planting becomes a matter of inches and missing the spot means spoiling of the whole look. Know your areas perfectly and do some work on the paper to set up your mind before you actually start planting.



The sun never seems tiring but you can beat the heat now and enjoy your favourite flavour of ice cream under the shade of neem. Besides a siesta is never a bad idea under a tree in the long eternal looking afternoons of summer. With the leading restaurants and event hall managers already following this idea it becomes too sacrosanct to be excluded from your list.



Give your terrace-garden a magical touch  

by adding water features such as a big bowl of water or can even plant a small fountain if it does not hurt your pocket. You can also decorate the water- a bowl with pebbles and other attractive stone s to give it a mesmerizing look.



Garden and flower are bonded together since time immemorial. Pick any of the bunch you like from rose-sunflower to lilies or have a combination of those to add colours to your already elite list. Flower- power will help to make a good ambience of the vicinity. And who knows if the wandering butterflies choose your home as a sojourn!

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With the trees already doing their work, you can implant shelters like a gazebo or pergola for unbeatable resistance from natural disturbances like rain dust or heat. With the plants around providing a proper environment it is never a bad idea to read your favourite novel here or munch your favourite dishes!.



Although seeds and saplings are not over the counter things in India and most of the terrace designers not too much heeding on it the game is worth the candle because you can grow a lot of varieties of vegetables on your terrace No need to go to the market now for the petty things, just pluck them fresh from your terrace!. From french beans, tomatoes, brinjal to lime you can grow it all. You can also try bottle gourd, cucumber, carrots, onion but they require a large area.



When it comes to decoration even your terrace garden has to include lightings. Get some plants with release scents at night for example jasmine. Choose colours which you like at night a use hanging lights and twinkling effect to give the last touch needed for the garden, which will be ample to take your guests with awe.



According to Pergola Designers, of all the things in this world innovation is a must. Every successful individual gives importance to it. Always listen to your heart and never hesitate to try something of your own in your terrace garden, lest you regret it.

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