Places to Explore While on a Tour to Mount Dora

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Tourists usually prefer boat rental Mount Dora as an approach to enjoy their travel plan when going on a tour to Mount Dora. There are various dining places, festivals and historical places that truly attract the individuals to visit these places. The number of travelers is increasing as they desire to visit and explore. Mount Dora possesses a beautiful lakefront located in downtown Orlando offering many ventures to explore in its small town to the onlookers.

Mount Dora has various shops, dining areas and antiques to offer. Its flea market is located on the adjacent side of the antique shop. The lake Dora is beautiful offering a Harris chain and most amazing and mesmerizing vies for travelers to explore. The tourists and adventurers make use of boat rental mount Dora to explore these lakes. Other places of attraction include the following destinations that are bound to make you excited about your travel plan

  • Mount Dora Lighthouse

There exist three freshwater lighthouses in Florida and amongst the most anticipated is the Mount Dora lighthouse and has become the most anticipated photo opportunity spots for tourists. It was financed by the citizens residing in Mount Dora, operated by the city of Mount Dora. This lighthouse has become the go-to photo backdrop spot and amongst the most anticipated attractions for tourists. Rusty anchor mount Dora is amongst the leading experts aiming to facilitate tourists by providing them with quality plans and packages for their desired destination spots.

  • The Compact Downtown Area

This area of Mount Dora has served as an attraction for locals and visitors. This area comprises of restaurants, gift shops, dining spots, art galleries, antique shops and coffee houses, bench settings for the people and travelers to enjoy.

  • Historic Places

Include the most of museums, playgrounds, antique galleries and dining places that are amongst most visited and anticipated areas frequently visited. The Ice House community theater situated blocks away from downtown also is a major attraction for travelers. Certain historic buildings and lake views are visited making use of boat rental mount Dora by the visitors.

  • Ivory’s Take-Out Dining Spot

This dining spot is located on the right side of Sugar Boo’s Bar-B-Que. It is amongst the favorite spots for the locals at Mount Dora enabling them to enjoy food parties. This place offers quality breakfasts and hearty lunch menus served including best pork chops, chicken, fish, rice and cornbread dishes.

  • Pisces Rising

It is a mainstream dining spot that offers the most scenic sights and delicious food on Lake Dora. The menu features include the seasonal local produce, the global flavors and the contemporary Floridian cuisine that is served with coconut and cilantro sauce keeping the locals and visitors returning years after years for more.

  • Mount Dora Hall and Chamber of Commerce

The magnanimous Mount Dora hall is located on the north side of the city and the chamber of commerce located on a historic railroad station. The Chamber offers a free map and finest hoteling spots in the downtown area of Mount Dora.

  • The Preserved Buildings

Most of the downtown area comprises of the preserved homes and buildings which are subject to renovations and improvement by the state. The main buildings comprise of the Donnelly House is on Donnelly Street located on the National Register of Historic Places.  These buildings are recently visited as the Masonic lodge by the public as well as frequent travelers.

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