An overview of heart valve replacement surgery

Heart replacement surgery has taken a new turn in the medical history of the country. This would be on behalf of all patients who are seeking treatment on the foreign shores. When you take the view point of the best surgeons, not only it means the best in terms of education, but they have a decent experience as well. The best in terms of treatment at lower costs is something which has given pep up to the medical tourism of the country.

As far as heart valve replacement surgery is concerned a surgeon goes on to repair the damaged valve with a synthetic or biological valve. Their main objective would be to restore the normal functioning of the heart at the same time. You can perform it under the guidance of general anaesthesia and it does take around 4 to 5 hours for the surgery to be over. You can perform this surgery as an open heart surgery. Here the patient is kept on a lung machine.

When you explore the procedure as a whole it does take place under general anaesthesia and it takes around 4 to 5 hours for the surgery to be over. Once again it is an open heart surgery and the patient is put on a lung machine. Once the incision is performed on the bones and the ribs, the surgeon goes on to open the heart. Then at this point of time they go on to trace the faulty valve. You go on to slice the edges of the valve and in the process go on to loosen it. You make it loose from the end of the tendons and then you can go on to replace the valve. Then you do insert the new valve at its place. Once the surgery is over the patient is taken off the bypass machine and then the heart is closed.

After the surgery is over the patient is taken over to an ICU. Here a close monitoring of the patient does occur before you plan to transfer them to the room. It is advised to the patients that they go on to walk in a quick manner so that the blood circulation does take place quickly. This will aid the recovery process in the best possible manner. In order to restore the strength of the heart a series of exercises are recommended by the doctor at this point of time.

You would need to be in the ICU to 3 to 5 days and when in the hospital another 5 to 10 days. You can roughly say that around 2 weeks you would need to be in the hospital as well. After a couple of months after the surgery you can pick up routine normal activities as well.

As far as the valve replacement cost in India is concerned it depends upon the type of procedure chosen. It all would mean the hospital where you are planning to get the treatment done as well.

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