What is Online Test Proctoring and Why is it Important?

Online test proctoring is gaining a lot of attention in the industry of education and certification. More and more companies are investing in solutions like exam proctoring services to make the process of exams less uncomfortable. Now just by using a webcam and with the help of online proctoring, you can sit for the exam anywhere and anytime. But what is online test proctoring or Proctored Test? Let’s take a look at it.

The online test proctoring is a system to make sure there’s credibility in test taking and prevention from cheating with the presence of a proctor. A proctor is generally a person who is already trained to perform student authentication and he or she is responsible for the prevention of cheating during the exam. This digital form of assessment allows the individual to sit for exams from any location and a software is being used during the proctoring. It is reliable and free from fraud. The software is being used to track the individual’s activity along with careful monitoring throughout the duration of the exam.

After the exam has started, there are three ways in which online proctoring can be done, and they are live online proctoring, advanced automated proctoring, and recorded proctoring. Live online proctoring is a process where the qualified proctor supervises the individual as he or she is giving the exam. The proctor is being trained to make sure there’s credibility in the entire process of the exam. In case of any suspicious activity, the proctor can stop the test immediately. It is more expensive than offline proctoring as it requires human intervention. The advanced automated proctoring is the most advanced form and it doesn’t need any sort of manual intervention. It records the activities of the individual as he or she is taking the test, and it looks for red flags to notify immediately with the help of cutting-edge technology. The advantage of advanced automated proctoring is that it automatically eliminates the requirement of manual intervention. Recorded proctoring records the activity of the individual during the exam, and later on, it is being played back to see if there are any dissonances. This can be expensive as it needs human intervention for reviewing.

But why to go for online proctoring?

  • Online proctoring makes global education hassle-free and more accessible. The institutes have students from all across the world and it is not always feasible to come over to the campus just for examination. Allowing online proctoring to give exams is one of the great ways to make sure any student can take the exam without any worry.
  • The exam proctoring services provides the much-needed flexibility which is important for busy professionals. As a matter of fact, you can the test anywhere with a different time zone. The exam proctoring services offers the freedom to sit for exams at anytime, anywhere, without making you inconvenient.
  • One of the greatest advantages of the exam proctoring services is it favors any individual regardless the physical location. This is a good option for working professionals who want to study at their comfort level.

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