My computer is slow! What should I do ?

Computer Slow Down

No matter what your operating system, whether your computer is running Windows or macOS, it is inevitable that it will get slower and slower over time. 

But why does a computer become slow? And what solutions can we adopt to try to “limit” this phenomenon and to keep the computer constantly responsive and functional?

There are many reasons why your computer may run slower than usual. Here are the main causes and possible solutions to make sure to fix a slow pc.

Insufficient hard drive space

The more space available on your computer, the faster it will work. Free hard drive space is the amount of hard drive space that is not used. But when your hard drive fills up, it will inexorably slow down your computer and could even prevent it from starting up. 

Programs, downloaded files, temporary files, etc. take up disk space. If you want to free up space on your PC, we advise you to trust the “PC Cleaner” program which does it for you automatically and without any risk for your files. 

Computer repair companies, such as or Ordi Repair, send you a technician directly on-site, in your offices or at your home to clean your pc in just a few moments! 

If you have a Windows computer, you can use the Wise Care program. If you’re using a macOS instead, you can try Mac Keeper to clean up the Mac drive.

Once you install Wise Care on your PC, all you have to do is click on the CHECK button in the middle of the program to scan your PC memory. At the end of the verification, a new window will open with the list of superfluous files found (and their relative weight), the errors present in the registry, the traces detected, etc.

At this point, click on CLEAN at the top right to free up space on your PC. In addition to this “quick cleanup”, you can also browse other program menus to make many other optimizations to make your computer even more efficient.

Too many programs at startup

The more elements in memory, the more there is a risk of incompatibility between programs and the longer the system will take time to load everything at a startup. If your computer is extremely slow, especially when you turn it on, it’s time to check and remove (unnecessary) programs at the startup. If you have a Windows PC, you can easily do this work thanks to the Wise Care program already seen above at the first point. 

Download and install Wise Care on your PC.

From the initial screen, go to the OPTIMIZATION tab.

Once in this section, click on the left menu on the heading “Executions at the start”.

You can now see the list of all the programs loaded when Windows starts and, for each of them, on the right, the number of seconds required to load. Select all the programs you consider superfluous to remove them from loading at startup. Or click directly on the top right on OPTIMIZE for the program to work correctly.

Then, by going to the START tab at the top, you can get an even more detailed view and deactivate the programs you don’t need.

You will save precious seconds and your PC will turn on faster. 

Presence of viruses or malware

The websites you’ve visited may have sent viruses or malware to your computer. The virus can not only slow down your computer but also crash your system. Therefore, it is advisable to install anti-virus programs to protect the computer from all threats of infection.

Too many programs in the background

Having too many programs running “in the background” can definitely slow down your computer. To fix the Laptop problem, just search for running programs and disable them. 

Start by opening the task manager (“Task management” window) by clicking simultaneously on the keys CTRL + ALT + DELETE, then on “Task management”. A window will open which will show all the programs currently running. You will also be able to see for each of them the amount of random access memory (RAM) and the amount of CPU they “consume”.

For example, if you see a program or process that uses a lot of memory or processor resources, simply select it with the right mouse button and then click “Finish”.

Your computer will immediately return to respond to your orders and will be faster!

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