Mustang Trek

mustang trek

Upper Mustang Trek conveys you to the illegal kingdom of Lo, zone that used to monetarily associate with Tibet and India, stayed shut to outcasts was simply opened to trekkers just fifteen years back and even today, get to is still exceedingly limited. Being a piece of Tibetan Plateau, Upper Mustang has comparative geographic where there are high elevation deserts, red-shake precipices, profound stream canyons, and a portion of the most noteworthy mountains on the planet. Trekking to Mustang area and experience the lifestyle of genuine mountain individuals who were very little in contact with whatever remains of Nepal for a long time. Follow in the strides of salt dealers, travelers, Buddhist holy people, and Tibetan opportunity contenders as we advance past ageless stone towns and desert springs of terraced fields to the beautiful capital of Lo Manthang.

The principle visitor section point to Mustang is via air through Jomsom where most trekkers begin/end their great excursion to Annapurna Circuit. This 80 kilometers in length excursion to Lo Manthang take after the a similar course which has been utilized by old salt train for a considerable length of time. Upper Mustang Trek leads through the base of the most profound chasm on the planet – the Kali Gandaki, crossing a few goes in the vicinity of 3,500m and 4,000m, passing numerous old Tibetan Buddhist towns, along red-shake bluffs and concealed caverns with the emotional scenery of noteworthy 8,000 meter crests. Following 5 days trek we will get to the taboo kingdom of Lo Manthang, signifies “The Southern Plains of Aspiration” and here old cloisters, imperial castles and demolishes of posts encompassed by a 6-meter white-washed divider uncovers a background marked by flourishing and loftiness. This city is practically untouched by time and present day advancement.

Mustang Trek season is amid the rainstorm (June-August) as the district lie in the rain shadow of Himalaya mountain ranges and the climate are not very icy and blustery. Another great choice is going by this territory amid the devil pursuing Teej celebration (Mid-May) or Yartung Festival (August, before the finish of rainstorm) for an astonishing social ordeal.


➡ Discover Mustang hallowed hollows that shrouded old Buddhist writings and fine art for quite a long time.

➡ Coloful captial city of Lo Manthang encompassed by white-washed divider uncovers a past filled with flourishing and greatness

➡ The one of a kind delight of the Himalayan high-height abandon and ravine red-shake precipices of Nepal with emotional background of great 8,000 meter tops

➡ Experience remarkable culture of Teeji and Yartung Festival

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