How to Motivate Students to Write an Academic Essay?

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Motivation is an entirely empowering aspect, regardless of the discipline one belongs to. There are different extrinsic and intrinsic factors which determine the level of motivation one withholds. However, one field in which motivation plays an integral role is academics. For learning to take place, it is essential that students are motivated and enthusiastic towards it. Motivation determines the drive students withhold in them towards the achievement of a certain predetermined goal. The facilitators and the teachers play a significant role in the learning that takes place in the learner through writing. Huge responsibilities lie upon them as without their intervention, the student’s mind, and learning prospects for them to cease. The writing professionals to amplify the students learning prospects can adopt the following strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Encourage Good Writing

Classroom practices adopted for the students learning are very beneficial. The encouragement and acknowledgment that students receive amplify the motivation level towards the production of an intriguing essay. This acknowledgment can take place through praise or provide a certain extrinsic reward, which motivates the students to enhance the writing produced by him. Motivating increases the learning outcomes ration in terms of academic writing in students.

  • Strategy 2: Provide Collaborative Writing Opportunities

The collaborative writing opportunity is another approach adopted to keep the student’s motivation high for academic writing. In collaborative writing, groups of the student are created in which a picture, image or strip is provided to them, in correspondence to the topic on which they have to produce the content. Students can be asked about what the picture is depicting, whereas the students that are part of it can also illustrate separately the contribution they made. The group arrangement can be altered in the collaborative learning so that each student is provided with the changes to produce content. In addition, assign tasks to the pupils which are relevant to the course. Remember, the more engaging and compelling the activities are the more likely students are to produce the similar type of academic content.

  • Strategy 3: Provide Instant and Helpful Feedback

Narratives are very helpful when it comes to motivating the students for writing. This should be used when the feedback is being provisioned to the students pertaining to the work provisioned to them. Narrative a text and then ask the students to write. This assists them is the creation of something new every day. Focus on taking their test and them providing them feedback on what could be done to improve the generated piece of writing. The instant feedback provided ensures that the student’s motivation level is high as alternate practice to this usually mitigates the student’s motivation level.

  • Strategy 4: Build an Outline

For a seamless production of an academic essay, the students can be provided with the parameters which they are obliged to follow. The strategy is successful because students perceive it as challenging. This gives rise to their adrenaline and an internal drive which makes them move forward and do better than the other i.e. to make their academic essay outshine among others. In addition, devising an outline for an academic essay assist students in making a quick decision as to what should be incorporated in it, which in reciprocation compels them and motivates them to write.

  • Strategy 5: Punish Terrible Writing

Lastly, the students can be motivated towards the production of quality academic paper if they are being punished, confusing, right. It is because the punishing factor makes them propel to do better than before, to be secure from the punishment. Though it is essential to provide a certain level of leverage to these students so that they can eventually learn to establish a flow of ideas and produce a cohesive piece of writing. Certain limits must be set when it comes to punishing the individual about writing though flexibility must be maintained in it. Various methods can be adopted for punishment; however, the penalization is one of the most effective.

The bottom-line

The facilitators responsible for motivating the students and boosting their skill set for the academic writing can adopt the following practices. However, the secret tonic towards devising an efficient and effective essay requires the individuals to come up with unique and innovative content. Various cheapest essay writing service  have also endorsed that student’s persistence and consistency are the factors which enable them to produce high-quality content in their academic papers. This motivation enables them to score A grades in their paper.

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