Love And Diamond Rings – A Look At Symbolism

Diamond rings and romance are closely intertwined. For centuries, these rings were used as a tangible sign of love and commitment. Their designs and purposes have changed over time. From simply an engagement marker, diamond bands now commemorate many special moments in a couple’s life.

The first recorded diamond engagement ring dates to 1477. Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave one to his fiancé Mary of Burgundy. While engagement rings were already a long-established tradition, he wanted to make an impression. He used diamonds’ extreme hardness to demonstrate his enduring love for Mary.

Diamond engagement rings for women captured the imagination of Europe’s wealthy, who started exchanging their own. Over time, discoveries in Brazil, South Africa and other countries made diamond jewelry available to a broader audience. Advertising campaigns underscoring the link between diamonds and love pushed the rings’ popularity to new heights.

It’s harder to pinpoint when wedding bands acquired diamonds. It is however easy to understand why, as the bonds of love continue after marriage. Diamond wedding bands signal a steadfast relationship. From an aesthetic standpoint, modern engagement rings and wedding bands are often worn stacked up top each other. If both have diamonds, they better coordinate.

Anniversary rings commemorate the years a couple has been together. Lists of suggested anniversary gifts name specific items for certain milestones. Traditionally, diamonds are for couples who have been together for decades. Modern relationships don’t wait for a set date. They exchange diamond anniversary bands as a call back to earlier rings, with diamonds once more a sign of romance.

Diamond eternity bands feature a row of jewels surrounding the shank. The design gets its name from the unending circle of stones. This continuous loop symbolizes enduring love. Eternity rings are popular for wedding and anniversary bands.

Three stone diamond rings have three jewels mounted in a row. They have matching cut, color and clarity, with a larger central stone. The three gems are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple. They’re popular as engagement rings, though their meaning makes them good for wedding and anniversary rings as well.

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