Looking For An E2 Visa Lawyer? Get The Best Ones Here

Before talking about an E2 visa lawyer let’s first know what an E2 visa is? It is a primary investment visa with no annual cap as of now which means there is an unlimited amount available.  It is the kind of visa that allows you to enter U.S. without being an immigrant, which also implies that you are here to earn and help people earn. Though it is generally issued for two or five years, if your business is generating good enough value then you can get it renewed for indefinite period. Your spouse and children (below 21) are also included in the visa.

Now before applying for it, let’s also have a look at the demands you have to fulfill to get this visa. It is defined by the USCIS as placing of capital, funds and other assets by the investor wit an aim of generating profit. So you have to either set up a new business venture or buy an existing one. If your country has the treaty of trade and commerce with the United States and you are an entrepreneur looking to make investments, this visa is for you. At Californiaimmigration.us you get the best E2 visa lawyers in the country. Our set of learned and experienced E2 visa lawyers makes sure that you get what you came for.

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